Pay Your Tax Debt by Getting Approval Through IRS Installment Payment Form.

Posted by IRS Tax Debt Solutions on September 25th, 2019

As an individual in the United States, if you are unable to pay the tax debt in a lump sum amount to the internal revenue service (IRS) then you can opt for an easy installment payment plan to pay the tax that you owe. It is a helpful tax resolution offered by the IRS to pay the tax debt in easy monthly installments like a mortgage. It also gives you a period of 36 to 72 months to clear your debt however you need to pay the penalties and interest charges that are the result from the non-payment of taxes. You can apply for this payment plan by filling a simple IRS installment payment form. It is available at the help desk website of the IRS and officially known as form 9465.

A convenient method to clear the tax liability:

Every year many Americans find that they have owed the tax amount from the government that they are not able to pay in lump sum amount. However, the IRS payment program has offer relaxation to those for paying the pending tax payments with easy monthly installments. So, if you are one among those that cannot have financial ability to clear the tax liability then the payment plan can prove a boon for you to reduce the tax burden. Instead of paying a huge amount at once you can pay it in small portion within the specific period to get clearance from the federal tax department.

Fill the form 9465 in case you owe more than 50000$:

The IRS installment payment form is available online so you can download it without any trouble. The form consists of simple column that you can fill without the need of a tax consultant. However, it is your personal decision to hire the tax consultant or lawyer to assist you in filling the form if you find it difficult. You must fill and submit the form if you have tax liability more than 50000 US dollars. You can send this form to IRS through the mail and can attach it in the front of your tax forms. Along with this, you also need to submit the form 433-F to enable the officials to determine your ability to pay the debt. They will assess your income and living expenses and if you are eligible then you can qualify for the payment plan to pay the debt in monthly installments within the period of 72 months.

You can find the mailing address to submit the form 9465 through the IRS website. You can choose a day in the month to pay the debt amount to IRS through the check, money order, direct debit from the account, credit card, or through the payroll deduction installment agreement. It is important to know that you must submit the payment between the 1st and 28th of the month. By using the IRS payment plan form you can easily get approval for monthly payouts to IRS to become a clean taxpayer by clearing the debt.   

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