The best sports clothes washing care tips:

Posted by markwahlbarg on September 26th, 2019

Because sportswear is rarely made of cotton, but of synthetic material, the garments can usually only be washed at 30 or 40 degrees and flung with no more than 800 revolutions.

It is also best to turn the laundry to the left and not to wash it with cotton garments, as cotton residue may accumulate in the sportswear, e.g. could affect the breathability.

1. Choose the right detergent:

Although detergents are nowadays designed to hygienically clean at least slightly soiled laundry even at low temperatures, sportswear should now and then be washed hotter to remove any odors and persistent stains.

If a laundry at 60 degrees is not possible, it is recommended to add household (white) vinegar to the laundry for washing. A cup of vinegar is enough to effectively eliminate bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smells of sportswear.

Tip: The strongest smell of sweat can best be neutralized by soaking the textiles in a mixture of citric acid and water in a mixing ratio of 1: 4 for about 30 minutes before the actual wash.

The use of a special and often expensive sports detergent is not necessary, by the way, as they offer no particular advantage. The professional Laundry service recommends a conventional liquid color detergent.

2. Do not use fabric softener:

Because fabric softener adversely affects the function of the sports equipment because it bonds the fabric fibers and thus, e.g. If the moisture regulation of the functional clothing is impaired and the sweat resulting from sports can no longer be transported through the fabric structure to the outside, you should absolutely refrain from using fabric softener when washing your sports clothing.

3. Sports clothing does not belong in the dryer:

To protect the fibers and maintain breathability, do not tumble dry your sportswear. It is better to dry the clothes in the fresh air. Avoid outdoor exposure to direct sunlight, as the UV rays can damage the synthetic fibers.

Sportswear with really stubborn dirt:

If the sportswear cannot be completely cleaned even with the best care and compliance with the above advice in the domestic washing machine and the odor cannot be removed, the use of a professional textile cleaning is a recommended option.

The performance of a Laundry service according to the care marks ensures that your sports items are hygienically clean and free from unpleasant odors so that you can feel completely comfortable again during your workout.