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The office of the company is its business card. It forms the first and most important impression of the client. In addition to the aesthetics of office space, its main task is to create a working atmosphere that does not distract either employees or visitors to the office. In addition, the whole office environment, its decoration should tell customers about the prestige and reliability of this company.

Office space should be as functional, practical and comfortable as possible, because employees are in it for several hours. For the efficient operation of personnel, their workplaces should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, when designing an office, we take into account ergonomics, the composition of the team and the specifics of the work of employees and the company. Proper interior design of office, arrangement of furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, archives) increases the convenience of interaction and minimizes the time spent on the implementation of workflows. A competent planning solution will help the company save space. Therefore, the efficiency of the entire company and its profit depends on what the space of your office will be.

Re-branding the company

We are recently going through a process of re-branding the company. It became evident that we have a very sanguine view of the future of the building environment. Moreover, even among in architectural visualization artists or home designer, when given the choice of how to represent the future, they go dystopian while we are always blue skies.

Other than interior Design of office, we also provide Design of cafes, hotels, and restaurants

Catering establishments are especially interested in the service of every visitor at the proper level. Therefore, you need to understand the concept of business clearly. When designing these premises, we take into account every detail to achieve a pleasant and comfortable environment for each client. Everything is essential here: features of the layout, the colors used, the presence of the necessary lighting. Depending on the category of institution: for example, the emphasis is placed either on the maximum pastime or on an institution like take away. With such an interior that you want to come again and again for your favorite coffee, and even in an unusually exciting place.

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Our other expertise are, Design of shops, commercial premises, and showrooms

You have a small point of sale, a large store, and maybe you notice a cool stylish showroom? Here the goal is different – to sell this or that product. You need to understand what product you are selling and showing, what is the store strategy.

It takes into account the basic concept of the establishment, reflecting the style of the retail space, the convenience of planning and placing the goods, focusing on the individual details that encourage buyers to buy. Every aspect of the interior is aimed at creating an environment conducive to successful trading. In the store, the interior will influence whether buyers leave happy, with large purchases and return again.

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