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The Art of Crafting Fixtures

Posted by SatinNeoDimensions on September 26th, 2019

The Art of Crafting Fixtures

The primary goal of a retail store is singular in nature. And that is to offer an amazing experience to the visitor or prospective customer that they are able to tide over the threshold of a store and get motivated enough to part with their cash. Expert interior decorators and merchandisers have some science for the art of this exercise. They originate from eye-catching visual merchandising, carefully designed navigation for effortless flow and movement of customers so that they can enjoy and never be in a hurry, bold designs, offer some breathing space to the shoppers and maximize store space economics.

Same space, better efficiency: SND’s Game

Show and sell is an important founding hypothesis of contact retail. This is also being adopted by all forms of virtual retail now. But in contact or physical retail, this aspect is absolutely imperative. To follow this hypothesis, retailers adopt unique ways to showcase their products in the best possible manner.
The major concern for retailers is the retail store space. This showcasing of products requires an ample amount of space inside the store, which leaves the retailer with a choice. The choice of either to expand the floor area of the store (which is often too expensive) or to sacrifice over the holding stock (which leads to lower profits). In case the retailer opts for neither of the choices, then it comes at a cost of the poor ambiance of the store as it appears more congested.

The shopper needs to know that the product is there. Then he or she needs to see the product, get a feel of it, experience it if required and then eventually make a purchasing decision. Influencing this buying process is more of an art than science and there are universal rules that can be replicated across stores. Hands-on expertise in arranging the displays and designing and developing the fixtures and furniture, showcasing the products attain special or even the all-important significance. It is the difference between a good experience and a wow experience for the shopper.

From the seeing is believing the hypothesis that we laid out at the beginning of this section, attractive and eye-catching visual merchandising is something brands strive to attain in their stores. Experts in the Retail Fitouts and fixture designing, we at Satin Neo Dimensions have the practice of putting the product at the heart of all our designs. We build customized designs to bring your story and vision to life almost always making your store and merchandise stand out and grab attention. With our long and effective experience we know when and where to deploy techniques like — creating horizontal or vertical displays, leveraging the space between waist and eye level for fast selling, concentrating on the visible areas of the store, roll out emphatic show windows to invite customers into the store, utilize end of aisle displays, use color blocking to capture attention, keep symmetry and balance to ensure harmony, make products stand out by building repetition in merchandising, or use impactful mirroring or triangulation to capture additional attention amongst many other aspects.

To achieve this, the craftsmen and designers at SND, have perfected the art of fabricating bespoke display fixtures suitable for any storage space and ensuring maximum product exposure and the best customer experience all with customized options for every space.

SND, over the years, has become a master of reading customer’s minds and expectations. We leverage modern-day techniques to design all kinds of in-store displays and fixtures, Retail Fitouts, Wayfinding Signages, turnkey interiors, and others to maximize any retail space and customer attention.

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