How To Get Cheap Business Class Tickets

Posted by Raj Gupta on September 26th, 2019

Admit it, flying business class is addictive! Once you start flying premium, then there's no turning back. The luxury it offers, champagne, gourmet food and the comfortable lie-flat beds pamper you to go for business flights every time. Flying in a business class provides benefits beyond the flight. The full-blown business class experience has a cost to pay. But here are four ways you can book business class flights for cheap:

1) Offers:

Keep an eye out for sales on airline tickets. Regular prices for international business class tickets can go sky-rocketing, even if the flight is a short one. However, there are often sales where business class flight ticket goes on sale for cheap. You need to keep a keen eye open for such sales. Grab such opportunities to book business flight tickets for cheap!

2) Lesser-known airlines:

Lesser-known airlines often undercut major flight carriers by offering cheap business class flights. The standards at these off-beat carriers can vary in terms of services and ground facilities. To bring in more customers to them, such carriers often provide good deals on business class tickets.

3) Loyalty:

Airline loyalty programs add up to your airline miles. These loyalty programs also sometimes come with exclusive discounts, which can help you in purchasing cheap first-class flights. Also, once these airlines miles add up, you can use it to upgrade your existing seat to a business class. Do keep in mind that these loyalty programs carry an expiration date and the miles will be rendered useless past that date.

4) Upgrade game:

When being a loyal member of an airline, you can play the upgrade game where you can bid on a business class ticket. When you have purchased an eligible fare on the airline that offers an auction, you will receive an email, a couple of days before the flight. This email will include an offer for you to bid on a business class ticket.

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