Study Material and Solutions for Geography NCERT Class 12

Posted by Anand on September 26th, 2019

Geography fuels nightmares for some students. With such an enormous syllabus the students are also required to memorize and retain the facts and figures. Not only is this process of recalling facts, once memorised, extremely tiring but also makes one anxious. Students offer lack proper guidance and therefore fail to achieve their targeted goals to score very high in exams. Such failures ultimately lead to extremely unhealthy exam anxiety and thus, loss of self-esteem. Supplementary material if not put well together, can often be overwhelming for the students to consume. Proper and efficient secondary guidance can also be extremely difficult to find. Online portals like the Extramarks app are designed to provide a student with study materials, tests solved and unsolved question papers in plenty. With an easy to navigate interface, Extramarks provides you with the best of material to strengthen your foundation in Class 12 geography, NCERT. The app also provides the students with high-quality NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography. With access to accurate answers, just a click away will help the students correct their errors immediately. The app also stocks a lot of HOTS questions to test how well the student has understood the concepts. A strong foundation will also help a student to do away with the fear of exams. The process of fact retention will become far less time consuming and efficient. It is scientifically proven that the human brain recognizes and retains concepts which have a strong visual component to them than concepts which are memorized via reading from a text. Therefore, the Extramarks app has been so effective in delivering the content to the students with so much ease and systematically. The app makes generous use of strong visual elements like web charts, etc to make the process of learning easy to approach and comprehend. The variety of testing patterns which the app makes use of is also essential for a student to realise how a single concept can evolve into numerous kinds of questions, hence, equipping the students to face the toughest and the trickiest questions in the exams. Solving such a huge variety of questions will help students to clear all their doubts for themselves and get a deeper and more thorough understanding of the subject. With such a diverse selection of tests and questions along with easy to follow solutions to them, the Extramarks app the one-stop destination to solve all your Geography related problems. Download the Extramarks app now.

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