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Why a third party witness in a rental agreement is essential?

Posted by rentalagreement on September 26th, 2019

In case of any agreement or a legal document, a signature from both parties is a must. But a witness of this type of deal is mandatory according to some, whereas some say it’s not. The existence of witness adds weight to the deal and affirms that deal or pact has been made successfully. In case of any rift or state of conflict, the witness can be summoned as proof of evidence. It shows the role of a witness in a rental agreement.

Does the rental agreement need a witness?

  • According to some advocates, a witness in a rental agreement is not mandatory, but some are very vocal about it. In some states, it is mandatory to have a witness.

  • In case the tenant wishes to reside in the rented home for more than 12 months, then it is mandatory to register before the sub-registrar’s office.

  • In a proper rental agreement format, there is space for the landlord and tenant along with the third party witness.

  • The presence of the witness provides a much-needed boost in the credibility of the document. Also, the witness becomes the unbiased authority under which the deal is made.

Who can become a witness?

Anyone from the family of either party or a third party can be a witness to a rental agreement. A third party witness is more credible as he/she/they would be unbiased and will attest truly in case of any future dispute. Hence a proper rental agreement format from the best rental agreement provider such as has signature space for the third-party witness or witness.

Why a witness in the rental agreement is necessary?

  • Acts as evidence: With a witness, the tenant/landlord cannot deny the terms and conditions of the deal in case of any dispute in the future. The witness acts as evidence of the terms and conditions as well as the conversations involved in the pact.

  • Unbiased: The third party witness is generally unbiased and helps in easy and fast resolution 0of a dispute.

  • Supervising authority: The witness acts as a supervising authority and is termed most credible in the pact.

How to procure such an agreement?

Procuring such type of registered rent agreement can be difficult, as people don’t even bother to get a rent agreement. They don’t understand its importance until a dispute occurs and they face injustice. But, a registered rent agreement is the ultimate tool that supports and empowers you from any kind of injustice whatsoever.

Few good organizations may provide you with the registered rent agreement, but they may charge you heavily. A suitable and reliable alternative is to procure the document online.

The renowned and reputed organization like provides affordable rent agreements in the proper format. They believe that every rent agreement is different; hence they provide customizable rent agreements with the additional facility of online payment.

This also makes the process hassle-free and less chaotic. The rent agreement is delivered at your doorstep at a very nominal fee, which is the most beneficial advantage.

It is of utmost importance that a third-party witness is present during the deal due to various advantages. The third-party witness may be anyone, who will be present to attest in case any dispute arises in the future. A rent agreement saves you from being harassed as people tend to commit mistakes in greed.

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