How To Reduce Hypertension With Natural Supplements

Posted by basshopper on September 26th, 2019

high blood pressure

Hypertension is a condition in which blood pressure becomes much higher than physiological standards.
It is thought that hypertension has no particular symptoms. Many people, in fact, underestimate the disease and often live with it for many years. Precisely for this reason hypertension is nicknamed " silent killer ".

Regular and adequate amount of calcium consumption is also useful to individuals with this condition. Adults as well as older teenagers need a minimum of 1,000 mg of calcium, while 1,200 mg is for expectant ladies and individuals aged 50 and also above. There are particular foods that can also provide calcium, such as salmon, egg yolk, mackerel and milk, StrictionD.

Regarding the symptoms of hypertension, it is possible to recognize some alarm bells that should always be kept under control:

* Nervousness and fatigue without significant causes
* Buzzing, dizziness and dizziness
* Headache and headache
* Flashes of light and other types of visual disturbances
* Memory, cognitive and learning problems

The symptoms listed are the result of the efforts produced by the heart: its action exerts an effort that causes the weakening of the surrounding arteries and the constriction of the blood vessels. In these cases you can intervene right away by using food supplements and natural remedies to facilitate the reduction of blood pressure.

The causes of hypertension
The increase in blood pressure can be linked to various factors, among the most common causes we find: an unbalanced diet, anxiety and stress .
Even a sedentary lifestyle is certainly a relevant factor, and one could say that there is a link between the number of steps taken in a day (or physical activity in general) and blood pressure levels.
In addition to a careful and balanced diet, there are some effective natural remedies in nature.

Natural remedies for hypertension
The recommended herbal remedies for fighting hypertension consist of active ingredients that can positively affect the cardiovascular system. Some plants have the property of lowering blood pressure, thinning the blood, stimulating diuresis - facilitating the elimination of metabolic waste and mineral salts - and reinforcing the vein walls.

One of the most suitable plants in the treatment of hypertension is the olive tree : very effective for long-lasting therapies because it has no toxicity, its leaves have a vasodilating and hypotensive action that acts directly on the blood pressure.

The olive tree, one of the most characteristic plants of the Mediterranean flora, has always been recommended to balance blood pressure, especially if a rapid lowering is needed.

In the market there are also valid preparations in which the olive is associated with other plants with hypotensive action, in particular the hawthorn.

high blood pressure

Hawthorn is an olive ally, one of the best known herbal remedies for those suffering from high blood pressure. It is a source of antioxidants useful for blood vessels and the heart, and is used to improve heart function in case of irregular heartbeats.

The beneficial properties of hawthorn also possess sedative, astringent and hypotensive qualities, which contribute to alleviating states of anxiety, hyperexcitability, mood swings and sleep disorders.

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