Everything You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment In Mississauga!

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When a cavity goes unnoticed for a very long time, the tooth can become badly infected or even start to decay a little. In order to fix this, a dentist generally recommends a root canal treatment. The shortest explanation of a root canal is that the dentist removes the pulp from the tooth, cleans out the area, and then replaces it with a filling. However, the procedure actually is more nuanced than that and if you are about to go in for root canal treatment in Mississauga, then you should know everything there is to know about it!

Why do dentists remove the pulp from inside the tooth?

This is a question that many people ask when they are about to get root canal treatment in Mississauga. When the pulp is infected, the infection can spread within the pulp chamber, which can lead to the tooth becoming abscessed. If left unchecked, this can lead to many problems such as:

  • Swelling in the gums that can eventually spread to the jaw, rest of the face, and even the neck.
  • The loss of bone around the tip of the root
  • A hole in the tooth that can lead to all the pus draining out of it

What steps will occur?
When you are getting a root canal treatment in Mississauga, you can expect the following steps:

  • The technician will take an X-ray to see the extent of the infection in the tooth. This will help the doctor determine the right course of action for the treatment. 
  • Then, when the treatment begins, the doctor may or may not offer anesthesia. This depends on whether the nerve endings in the teeth are dead. If they are dead, you will not feel anything. If they are not dead, you will need anesthesia. 
  • The dentist will then drill a hole in the tooth and then suck out the pulp and bacteria from the hole. 
  • The dentist will also use water or sodium peroxcide to clean out the debris from the area.
  • Then, you will be sent home with a temporary filing kept in place to prevent anything from going inside the tooth or creating problems later on. A week later, the hole will be filled with a dental filling. This will be a permanent filing that will stay there for life!

Now that you know what happens during a root canal treatment in Mississauga, you have nothing to fear. If you are afraid of pain, you can ask your doctor to give you a healthy dose of nitrate so that you can relax while the procedure takes place!

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