How the right Keto diet helps women lose weight faster

Posted by michaelchristiana on September 26th, 2019

Women and men may score the same health benefits going on a ketogenic diet, it may take a little longer for women to lose weight and hit their body goals in comparison to men. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you should lose hope.

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to lose weight, find more mental and physical energy, reduce inflammation and get your sugar problem under control, you should still consider incorporating a keto diet. There are many food items you can choose from. You can also look for a sugar free chocolate mug cake, snacks and more.

How the right Keto diet helps women lose weight faster?

When you start a keto diet, you’ll switch your body from running on carbs to running on fat. Here’s what keto does to your body:

Use your fat stores to your advantage: When your body becomes fat-adapted, it will recognize fat cells as a fuel source. This means that you can eat fewer calories while letting your body work off your fat stores for energy.

Improve insulin sensitivity: By reducing the amount of sugar and insulin in your bloodstream, you may naturally resolve PCOS, fertility, and insulin resistance issues that prevent weight loss.

Restore your hormones: Remember, carbs and excess sugar in your diet always have serious effects on your hormonal balance. It is significant that you reset your hormones, and you can do that with the help of keto. You’ll start to see the scale budge in your favor.

How to nail keto for women?

Limit your carbs slowly: Unlike men who start their keto diet any day, women can rather choose a gradual, yet effective process. Begin by tracking your regular food intake which will not only give you practice for measuring your food and tracking your macros in keto but will also give you an average carb baseline for your body.

Try intermittent fasting: Try to fast for 14-18 hours, it will give your body a break from the tiresome work of digesting foods. It will also help you reach ketosis faster so you lose weight sooner.

Learn how to smartly feed your PMS cravings: Every woman is not the same when it comes to PMS food cravings, but often women around this time of the month dream of chocolate, carbs, and high-calorie junk food. If you don’t want to put on weight, look for a sugar free chocolate mug cake or other keto food items.

Almost every woman doesn’t want to put on weight. Look for sugar free mug cake and also follow these keto tips for women to help lose weight faster.

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