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Posted by basshopper on September 26th, 2019

If there is a valued moment by the clientele of a hairdresser, it is that in which you enjoy a good hair massage when you wash your head. Tension and stress can affect our scalp, in fact, it is one of the main causes of an extensive list of diseases that affect hair such as alopecia, hair weakness, brittle tips or dandruff, among others. At CEM, we insist our students on the importance of hair massage. The massage technique for hair treatments is taught in one of the modules of our hairdressing course . Do you want to know what is its importance? We explain it to you below.

Knowledge of basic skull and scalp anatomy
Hair massage is based on a series of manipulations, movements and pressures exerted on the scalp. This technique has been considered as an effective means to contribute to the stimulation of hair growth. This is possible because the massage produces as immediate effects the increase in blood circulation and influences the nerve endings. At CEM we remind our hairdressing students how important it is to know the anatomy of the area that is being worked on: scalp, neck and skull.

The scalp is the skin that covers the skull and is related to the state of the hair, since it contains the hair papillae that give rise to it. In the scalp we have a large number of sebaceous and sweat glands, in addition to being covered by a nervous and vascular network. The state of the scalp is decisive for the health of our hair, so stimulating their mobility is important to contribute to healthy hair growth.

In some cases when I do not have the best surrounding or the best sight, the most essential point for me after that, is to obtain the best chair as well as 'potion' as well as do this regular consistently every early morning as well as night - at the very least twice everyday, Vita Hair Brush Review.

Blood flow contributes to healthy hair growth
The scalp of the neck has an intense blood flow due to the continuous movements we make when moving or speaking. However, in the upper areas (frontal and parietal) the muscles lack mobility and by natural means it is more difficult to achieve complete irrigation. For this reason in hair treatments, massage is used as a means to ensure that the products applied (lotions and ampoules) are assimilated and absorbed more quickly by the scalp.

On the other hand, hair massage allows the removal of dead cells when washing hair. If this is not done, there is a risk that they will clog the follicles and end up affecting the health of the hair. From CEM we insist that the mobility of the scalp is very important to activate blood circulation and to help the proper distribution of nutrients. In this way we will contribute to look much healthier and more beautiful hair.

head massage

Benefits of brushing hair
Hair brushing is a form of dry shampoo because it allows waste materials to be removed, such as deposits of uric acid crystals, and impurities that accumulate on the scalp.

But, the benefits of hair brushing go beyond simply cleaning. Stimulation of the scalp, both by brushing the hair and the scalp, helps distribute the natural sebum evenly.
This improves overall hair health and keeps hair shiny and resistant.

Brushing with a wild boar bristle brush stimulates the hair follicles, which increases blood circulation in the scalp, oxygen and nutrient transport to the hair root and bulb.

It also helps balance the sebaceous glands through stimulation, which allows the scalp to breathe while preserving its natural oils. The imbalance of the sebaceous gland is often the culprit of hair loss, both overproduction and underproduction of sebum causes a weakening of the hair and malnutrition of the scalp.

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