How IUI can help in different infertility causes?

Posted by CorionClinic on September 26th, 2019

The advancement in science has given us the best medical procedures saving a life from chronic diseases. In fact, these innovations have also led to the foundation of a new life even if one of the partners is infertile. Yes! We are in the stage of medical science that can easily overcome infertility via prescribed procedures and can bless a couple with a new life. One of the most fascinating infertility treatments is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

What is IUI?

IUI is an excellent way of fertility intervention process that can be used to overcome unexplained infertility in a couple. This also a process of artificial insemination that introduces the sperm collected from a male partner via medical instruments inside the womb of the female partner. This procedure is often used as a part of surrogacy treatment in Mumbai where a couple is suffering from female infertility. In fact, a male suffering from low sperm count can still contribute to the conception. The healthy sperms are collected and then introduced into the womb of the female partner using medical assistance. In this way, artificial insemination can help in easy conception.

Why IUI is chosen?

The IUI Treatment in India is prescribed to the couples who are suffering from the following reasons.

  • Unexplained infertility with no concluding reasons.
  • Low sperm count or less motile sperm cells.
  • Cervical factor in the female partner that does not let a clear passage to the sperm cells.
  • When the first step of fertility drug treatment is not showing any success.
  • When surrogacy is chosen or a sperm donor is recommended.
  • When a female wants to be a single mother
  • When natural sexual intercourse is painful for any or both of the partner.
  • When the female has semen allergy and her physiology rejects semen deposited in her cervix.
  • When there is an unnatural distortion in the fallopian tube that blocks the passage of ova to the uterus.

Final words

IUI is one of the prime steps in a surrogacy treatment in Mumbai offered by the fertility clinics. It should be availed from a certified and registered fertility clinic in the city. 

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