How to find a Wholesaler for Your Jewelry Business?

Posted by jewel pin on September 26th, 2019

Even if you are a small jewelry retailer, having a list of the best wholesalers in your town can save you from running into other retailers to stock your products. Acquiring wholesale products at the lowest prices is the key to success in retail business irrespective of the niche you are dealing in. If you are looking for a wholesaler for the first time, follow our guide below -

Where do you fall in the supply chain?

If you own a large retail outlet with soaring sales, chances are you can afford to place enormous orders. The total number of products will certainly exceed the minimum order requirement. Thus, you can directly outreach the wholesale jeweller. It reduces the overall cost of the products. Small and medium-sized retailers, however, have to reach to the distributors for stocking their inventory. Since every piece of jewelry sitting on your product shelves is costing you money, it is pivotal not to order products that you can’t sell. So, before approaching the wholesale jeweller, the first step is to access the store’s current needs which depend on customer’s demand. Take into account every type of product and their sales in the past few months for deciding the number of your wholesaler orders.

4 Main Sources of Wholesale Jewelry

Manufacturer - A manufacturer is the creator of the products. He assembles the raw materials and craftsmen at one place. They own manufacturing units where the metals and gemstones are shaped into dazzling jewelry. Usually, the manufacturers are open to only massive orders, they don’t cater products to small stores. They collaborate with big brands to sell an entire lot at once.

Distributor - They collaborate with the manufacturer, often buying the rights to sell the entire product range in a specific country to region. This gives them an upper hand over the other distributors. They often become the sole importer/ exporter in an entire region.

Regional/ Local Distributor - The tier 1 distributors work on a national level. The product then reaches the regional distributors. All the brick-and-mortar store owners go to the local providers to buy a product for their daily sales.  

Pedler - These are merchants who sell their products from door to door. You can buy as low as a single product from them.

Go straightaway to the manufacturer - Even if you are just getting started with your jewelry business, check out with the manufacturer. They will provide you with the list of wholesale jewelry manufacturer best for your needs. Asking the most authoritative party to assist you in filtering through the list of wholesalers, ruling out the possibility of going to fake providers. The wholesale jewelry manufacturer will be happy to suggest you the name of the parties they are supplying to.

Try googling - When nothing works, the internet is there to help you. Enter your niche followed by the word wholesaler or distributor. If you are searching in business directories, choose only those accounts which are registered as wholesalers. To ensure you aren’t getting into a scam, view their contact information. Don’t deal with a wholesaler with missing street address, owner name, and other information.

B2B marketplaces - You can’t go wrong with the B2B sites like Alibaba, where you will find thousands of wholesalers selling the exact product you are looking for. Registering an account on such sites require a mammoth turnover along with the documents as proof. The chances retailers faking it as a wholesaler are minimized.

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