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Wind of North Has Posted A Project On Indiegogo For Blacksmith Crowdfunding

Posted by williamnas36 on September 26th, 2019


Las Vegas, United States (September 23, 2019) – Wind of North, an organization created by a family of blacksmiths, who has gained this knowledge from their fathers and grandfathers has posted a project in Indiegogo for Blacksmith Crowdfunding. The purpose of this campaign is to bring artistic handmade production of historical originals and replicas.

Jan Jirik, who has posted this project on behalf of Wind of North has started the project posting in Indiegogo by uttering the following words: “Our story begins a few generations back. Two hundred years ago, our fathers and grandfathers became the blacksmiths of famous Bohemian rulers and made their living with custom-made handcrafts. Today, we follow up on the heritage of our ancestors and their knowledge of the secrets of original Nordic processing methods in the same way that Vikings once passed their secrets from one generation to another.”

The good thing about supporting this blacksmith service is that they know that craft production is very unique and individualized for each product and ever warrants special care. The base of the work of this blacksmith is quality. Even, they have built the expertise on precision, which is yet another foundation they rely on.

With the highest commitment to quality, the team needs quality equipment and facilities that will let them create the faultless handcrafts by following the authentic medieval procedures. To fulfill this mission, they are now looking for crowdfunding. Those interested in this project can support the team either by purchasing a product from them or in the form of donation.

The goal that has been set up by this Windofnorth blacksmith project is USD 10,000 and out of this amounts USD 4000 each will go for the purchase of materials required for the production and finance development of the United States Office in Oregon and Portland respectively. Also, USD 1000 each will be used for inventory replenishing in Portland and the cost of promotional and marketing materials including the participation and presentation at the Blacksmith Fair respectively.

In return of their contribution to this crowdfunding campaign, Wind of North wishes that the contributors should get their own hands-on experience on the metal products.

About Wind of North:
Wind of North, who has posted this project on Indiegogo has learned the intricacies of this professional from his ancestors.

For more information, please visit

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