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How to wake up pu-erh tea

Posted by naturalpuerh on September 26th, 2019

We have our own pu-erh and black tea garden in the famous tea producing area in Puer City, Yunnan.Our tea garden associated with blue sky and white clouds, neighboring with forest and grass, thriving quietly in the mountains beside the Lancang river.No air pollution, no pollution of water source, no pollution of soil, no pollution of processing technology.

1. The wake-up tea of ​​normal Pu-erh tea

Pu-erh Squeezing Tea Whether you are raw or cooked, whether it is melon, cake, brick or simmer, you must first wake up it before drinking.

Use a tea needle to pry the pressed tea and pour it into small pieces of uniform thickness and almost the same size. Then put it into the tea pot and keep it for one to two months in the dark. The tea is basically finished.

2, puffer tea with odor of Pu-erh tea

Pu-erh tea has a slight odor or scent if it is scented during storage. After removing the package, first dry it in a dry, ventilated place for a few days, and then sip the tea after the odor is reduced.

After tea, you should continue to dry in a dry and cool place. Wait until you can't get the smell, then you can put it into the tea pot. You can get it in the tea tank for two to three months.

3, wake up tea before brewingIf the front of the waking tea is called to wake up, then the waking tea before brewing is called wet wake up. Wet waking is the last waking tea of ​​Pu-erh pressing tea, and it is also a key step to completely activate Pu-erh tea.Rinse the tea leaves with boiling water before making tea. Tea washing is the same as waking up tea but the essence is different. The key is to see the purpose of tea people.The purpose of washing tea is to clean the dust and debris on the surface of the tea, rinse the tea with boiling water, and then pour it into the regular tea making process;Wake up the tea, completely wake up and activate the pu-erh tea before tea, properly lower the water temperature, after injecting water, it will infiltrate for a few seconds and then effluent. After the water is discharged, it will stay for a few seconds to let the tea cake infiltrate loosely, and then the water will enter the normal state of tea making program.The same movements and steps, different connotations, the taste of the tea soup is not the same.

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