How To Book An Affordable Wedding Venue?

Posted by Ali Tariq on September 27th, 2019

Wedding is one of the events which sometimes cost a lot more than expected. Of course it is one of the most important events of one’s life but still, there are ways to be in the budget. There are few affordable wedding venues, wedding arrangements and other stuff which can be helpful in these cases. Some things are expensive and for that, you cannot compromise while on some options, you can choose affordable ones to start off. 

It may sound unnecessary but it is a fact that most weddings occur on Fridays and Saturdays. It is mostly due to the fact that most people are free near or on the weekend. This is why avoid these days. It may be difficult to arrange a wedding on working days but it is a good option if you want to save money. Choose other days and surely those days will cost you lesser and can also be beneficial in the case of time as you may have more time for your event. It is a win-win situation on both sides; less money and hopefully more time. For your wedding, keep in mind what is most important to you. You may have to make a choice in the affordable wedding venues and it can be a choice between best food, great arrangement, or overall view of the area. Choose one of these and then only focus on that part. If you choose a great view, then you won’t have to think about arrangements much and food will also be a part-time meal, not a full course one. This is ideal for morning wedding while the other way around with good food and fine décor is good for nighttime as at that time no one can clearly watch the scene outside the venue. Another tip is to have a morning wedding. The reason is simple as at night, more lights and arrangements are needed while in the morning, nature’s view is enough of the décor with natural light saving you a lot of money. All of this falls in your favour in the case of morning event.

While selecting a venue, make sure to choose a mediocre sized one. It is not important that the whole area has to be invited to the wedding so it would be better to have a small wedding with a few closed ones. This is not only one of the affordable wedding venues options but also a good idea for a calm and simple wedding. It leaves a memorable taste and you can actually feel comfortable with all the close members and enjoy to your fullest. Sometimes people like to choose two different venues for the wedding; the main event and reception. This only wastes money. The right way is to have a simple wedding with a few close ones and for reception, you can hire a big place. This saves money a lot of money as in the main event, the ceremony only happens making it a casual and formal event. Also, you don’t have to get another venue for the reception if you are planning to have a ceremony in the venue. Arrange reception in the same venue after some time making it suitable for both events.

If you are planning to hire a wedding and event planner, it is a good idea to go for something more creative than going for similar traditional arrangements. This may cost you less as wedding planners have a fixed cost for embellished traditional arrangements. Consider simple and creative themes and for the reception, get a place with nature peeking in, like parks. This saves you money as nature can be a good décor in itself. Sometimes galleries can be a good choice as they have their own style which shouldn’t be hidden much. Also, these choices are new and different than usual venues which might make your event more memorable. 

This is for your good so do consider it. All of these ways can help greatly if you are getting short on the budget. It is better to save a few coins than to go overboard. Always be cautious about stuff like affordable wedding and event planner as you may only find a few who can complete the given task within your budget.

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