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Posted by james milner on September 27th, 2019

shrooms or magic mushrooms are a special kind of mushrooms which are consumed as a kind of drug. But there is a difference between this drug and the conventional drugs. Magic mushroom has a magical power of creating a hallucination for the consumer whereas the other drugs mostly create a craziness or dumbness after taking them. Though Shrooms can be found now online like other drugs.
Top Magic Mushrooms Found Online
There are a number of different kinds of magic mushrooms. Research says more than 180 species of mushrooms have psilocybin which is the main element of shrooms. If you want to  you will find some of the top magic mushrooms with top qualities. Some of the demanded magic mushrooms online are Chitwan, chocolate shrooms, Cuban cubensis, golden emperor lemon tek gummies, big mexshrooms, crimson palms hotel, etc. These names can differ in varying companies.

Magic mushrooms are widely known for its magical hallucination effect, 
but what most of the people do not know of its magical power of healing the 
human body from several diseases. 

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Magic mushrooms have a magical effect of hallucinating. This is a kind of 
drug. After having raw shrooms or cooked or mixing with other drugs, consumers 
enter into another world of magical hallucination where no pain of this world 
exists. But this is not easily available and there is a lesser chance of 
finding them in the local markets than in online stores.

Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are much like ordinary mushrooms. So it is much confusing 
to distinguish magic mushrooms from the ordinary normal mushrooms. The online 
customers need to be careful here that when they buy vape carts online they 
don’t buy the ordinary mushrooms instead of magic mushrooms. There a number of 
different types of magic mushrooms. But the most common shrooms are usually 
called blue meanies, golden tops and liberty caps. These are mostly found in 
Australia. These mushrooms can be processed into capsules as well. You can find 
online mushroom capsules. The psilocybin of magic mushrooms can be changed into 
white crystalline powder and later processed into capsules. They can be 
consumed by mixing with water. Customers can buy another mushroom online which 
is called mushies.Best place to buy vape carts online
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Medical Treatment

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are not only used as drugs, but they are also 
used in medical treatment as well. More than 180 species of mushrooms are 
considered as magic mushrooms as they have psilocybin as one of their 
ingredients. It has a long history of healing power. In Mesoamerica, magic 
mushrooms were used in religious or spiritual rituals. In modern America and in 
the developed countries magic mushrooms are being 

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