Why Geo Domes Are Energy Efficient

Posted by sunjoy on September 27th, 2019

We all know that the modern geodesic dome construction structures have many advantages in comparison to the traditional rectilinear building structures. You may have seen that the geodesic domes has benefits of affordability, sustainability, ease of assembly and disassembly, resistance to natural calamities and energy efficiency. Although most of these advantages are fairly straightforward, some people may have a misunderstanding about the energy efficiency in geo dome structure. Let's take a deeper look at the energy efficiency in geodesic domes today.

geodesic dome

1. Know the structure of geo domes

As an experienced geodesic domes and tensile fabric structure manufacturer and constructor, we can tell you that most geodesic domes are spherical or semi-spherical structures, and the spherical framework basically contains a series of triangular elements. The strong triangular elements are interlocked together to form a great circle known as geodesic. This design ensure a structural integrity which means the stress will be distributed evenly throughout the entire structure and result in a self supporting structure. You will never see any extra support beams underneath the dome, this spherical structure can enclose the maximum amount of space with the minimum amount of materials.

2. Know the external surface area

For the same surface area, spherical structure has the highest ratio of enclosed in all solid geometries. The structure effectively decrease the exposure to heat in summer and to cold in winter. That means it requires less energy to cool in summer and to warm in winter. In comparison to the traditional rectilinear building structures, the concavity inside a geodesic dome helps the air inside to flow easily throughout the entire structure with the aid of return air channels. This means that the geodesic dome structure has a high efficiency to spread the heat or cold as needed, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on energy if you live in the geodesic domes.

3. Know the internal temperature

When you see a geodesic dome with transparent membrane cover, it's natural to think that it will heat up easily like a hot air balloon. Well, the thought of the temperature changes insider geodesic domes are erratic is a misunderstanding. The larger the geodesic dome structure, the more air is contained, so the less fickle changes in temperature. While both geodesic domes and other constructions are using heating and cooling equipment to control the internal temperature, the temperature changes in geo domes can be self regulated by channels of air ducts and save energy.

4. Know the heat loss of geodesic domes

Geodesic domes ca also reduce the heat loss on buildings. For traditional rectilinear buildings, the designs of structures usually allow for significant cumulative heat loss. And the heavy wind flows also contribute to heat loss in these structures. However, you can choose different membrane materials for the coverage of the geodesic domes to enhance its insulation to reduce the heat loss. And the aerodynamics of geodesic domes ensure that wind flow smoothly around the structure without encountering roof or truss structures which would cause turbulence and hence heat loss. That's why geo domes are a perfect option for your backyard greenhouse.

In fact, you will be surprised by its energy efficiency. Compared to brick-and-mortar buildings, the geodesic domes promise 50% more energy efficiency, and underground concrete geo domes can promise up 70% energy efficiency. If you are looking for a cheap and easy to install while put less strain on earth's natural resource structure, please consider to build a geodesic dome. Lanao Membrane Structure is a professional company to manufacture all the materials needed for geo domes and ready to help construct your unique outdoor shelters.

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