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Dark mode of Google play Store: what you need to know?

It took a long time, but now it seems like Google has finally decided to release Dark mode of Google Play store as well as in Google chrome. Now Google plays store can also enable with dark mode. With the launching of Android 10, Google is about to release dark mode for its all first-party apps. It will be easy to change the system-wide dark mode into all apps with automated color schemes changes. But there is also the possibility of consuming too much time for the app which is not able to adapt or not ready to compatible with the new operating system's release.

Google Dark Mode for Gmail and Google Play Store  

Everyone wants to save their mobile battery life as well as less effect of brightening light on eyes from computers. It is the reason Google has launched its dark mode for users to save users eyes as well as the battery of mobile phones. On September 11, Google launched a Dark version of Gmail on Android 10. On Google Pixel handsets, the dark mode of Google Play store has also begun. Google was trying this dark mode practically from the past several months in multiple devices, including desktop and mobile phones. Though it is not simple to activate dark mode on Google play store as well as on Google Chrome, it is a different process on each device like Mac, Windows, or iOS.

Google said itself that which apps use darker mode or lights uses less battery than the white mode. Choosing the Dark mode means that you are going to adopt less blue light that will negatively affect less to your sleeping and so it is much good for your eyes. And it is essential to note that blue light or also having a bright background on screen can cause multiple health problems related to obese, high BP or more. The good news is, now you can change the modes of Gmail as well as of Google Play store first-party apps though it seems that Google Play Store dark mode is available for users of Android 10.     

Why use dark mode? : 3 Reasons 

Even it is Google Play Store or Gmail or Google chrome, and the dark mode is launched for mainly 3 purposes. The first reason that you must try Dark mode of Android 10 is easier on eyes. While you are using the screen, especially at night, it affects not only eyes but also the mind, sleep, and body. Secondly, the mobile having darker screen uses less power that helps your battery to live long. Brighten screen can negatively affect the power drop as well as pixel color. The final and coolest reason is that Dark mode looks kind of cool. It makes your screen better than white ones. So whenever you are going to switch the Google Play store in the dark mode, it will make you feel smarter than previous.       


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