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Posted by AAFT University on September 27th, 2019

Visual effects are usually pre-planned as a part of the script and are used to enhance the aesthetic and grandeur of the movie. Usually the visual effects are carried out after the movie has been shot completely but the director has to keep in mind and plan it accordingly during the production stage. Unlike special effects which are carried out on the sets itself, visual effects are mainly carried during the post-production stage by using different tools and technology like animation, graphic design and other software. A visual effect technician is involved with the production right from the beginning along with the director and other technicians so that the desired effects can be achieved after production without any complexities. Visual effects course helps the aspirants to learn the nuances of carrying out these effects.

On the other hand, animation is about using independent pictures and putting them in such a way that it creates an illusion of continuous motion. This is achieved by computer graphics and usually by means of 3d or 2d technology. A diploma in 3d animation and VFX can help the aspirant with the knowledge of the domain of 3D and VFX.

Animation and VFX course will take the students through different projects which will enhance their understanding as to how 3D and 2d animation technologies contribute in creating some of spectacular visual effects for today’s times. Each project is unique and has its own challenges which will strengthen the efficiency and confidence of the aspirants about handling different 3D visual effects.

AAFT, a prominent institute of international repute has been catering to the needs of the aspirants who want to make a career in this domain. It is a renowned institute with world class infrastructure and through its school of animation is offering diploma and other animation and VFX course. Apart from having top class infrastructure, AAFT boasts of advanced computer laboratories and studios, it has the veterans of the industry working as teachers who with their vast experiences are always helping the aspirants acquire the relevant industry knowledge through its wide curriculum. At AAFT the aspirants are trained into animation and VFX technology in its ultra-modern computer labs. There are vocational trainings as well through sessions, workshops and seminars.  At AAFT aspirants gain all the required skills of animation and VFX world which in turn helps them in understanding the nuances of this industry before they enter the field of visual effects and animation.

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