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Posted by Donald Hood on September 27th, 2019

1888 PressRelease - Stamp Market Index (SMI) a first-of-its-kind tool and resource, with data never before available, has uncovered a new early collector demographic.

PITTSFIELD, N.H. - NobleSpirit, a leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay, this morning announced new information emerging from its recently introduced data analysis tool Stamp Market Index (SMI), powered by eBay.

The new data suggests that many previously help concepts regarding traditional collector demographics are now being challenged by a new younger and more diverse base. "We are experiencing a major shift in a landscape that has been dormant for many decades,"said Joe Cortese, NobleSpirit. "In just 39 days, since Stamp Market Index was launched, new users registered from 62 countries. Preliminary results are indicative of a strong positive trend for the future of the stamp industry. eBay, technology and social media are the keys to that future."

Stamp Market Index published some if its preliminary findings in its inaugural newsletter, which was subsequently made available to the public on its website at :
eBay's infrastructure has been highly effective in delivering value along the entire funnel from demand logistics to supply chain distribution networks. It has been clear for over 20 years that eBay's global platform has facilitated adoption by collectors at all levels from novices to asset class investors. Traditional hobbyists as well as newcomers have been quick to embrace technology. According to the new data from Stamp Market Index, more women for example, than ever before are joining the ranks of collectors. "There can be no doubt that the diversity of eBay's marketplace is manifesting itself by providing unprecedented access to previously untapped cross merchandising opportunities in all stamp, coin, and collectibles sectors, " said Joe Cortese, NobleSpirit. "The future of the stamp industry belongs to fresh ideas that can best leverage what innovation has to offer."

Online social interaction is providing a powerful new medium for new and old collectors to engage each other with their interests, while they exchange their valued stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay as their go-to marketplace destination of choice. From serendipity to acquisition, the experiential allure fundamental to collectors, at all levels, assumes many facets on eBay.
While traditionalists have made good use of technology to enhance the flow of practical information, entry level collectors are not as interested in the number of perforations of a stamp or die state diagnostics of a coin as they are in the story. Technology has made it possible to share, engage and propagate experiences and stories on a mass scale through LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook at an intensity and speeds never before possible.

The size and significance of eBay's transformative impact on all collectibles sectors is partly illuminated by the introduction of Stamp Market Index's showcase of over 200 million prices realized in stamps, made available to the stamp industry at large for the first time ever.

NobleSpirit holds the distinction of selling many of the highest prices realized for both individual stamps and stamp collections on eBay, while eBay holds the undeniable distinction of forever changing the stamp industry landscape and maintaining its dominance in the space through sheer volume of transactions via a roster of the world's leading stamp dealers. Many of the world's most respected stamp dealers sell many 10,000s of stamps every month on eBay.

Boasting the largest database of stamp prices ever realized or compiled and made available to the public for free, this new resource will not only reveal the history of stamps on eBay, from this point forward SMI will now:
· provide collectors with the information necessary to establish the true market value of their stamp collections,
· provide investors with a basis to identify trends and opportunities
· provide dealers with consistent, reliable competitor and market insight into supply and demand ROI"
Stamp collectors, investors and dealers can also subscribe to new levels of engagement, and continuity on eBay by subscribing to the (SMI) Newsletter. Each month the new (SMI) newsletter will publish: highest prices realized, developing trends, top sellers, popular sectors, along with notices from eBay stamp sellers of their upcoming merchandise and events scheduled for sale, and much more.

About Stamp Market Index
Stamp Market Index is a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of NobleSpirit and is powered by an exclusive agreement between eBay and NobleSpirit to provide a first-of-its-kind tool and resource, with data never before available.

Stamp Market Index is purposed with a mission to supply collectors, investors, and dealers with detailed historical prices realized essential to making informed buying decisions, identifying trends, and to establish meaningful retail sale price parameters. Users may register freely under no obligation to access information from specific issues to entire categories.

eBay is home to a vast array of established reputable top of mind brand name merchants and dealers in virtually every category. In stamps, Stamp Market Index is committed to equal unfettered access to all of their historical sale price results and all of their comparable live listings with each and every registered user search. (

About NobleSpirit
50 years in the business of coins and stamps at your service; NobleSpirit is a major wholesale supplier of coins, stamps, and paper money to dealers throughout the world. We sell stamp and coin collections, as well as hundreds of premium individual, certified, and graded stamps and coins on eBay ... each and every evening at 6 p.m. EST.

Do you have a collection you're looking to sell? Use our consignment services to ensure your items get true market value. We provide a browser-based tool for you to view all of your active and sold items on eBay, see the current prices, and many other reporting features to ensure complete transparency with your inventory. (

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