A Controversial encryption tool of Firefox: by default to the US

Posted by jhon mark on September 27th, 2019

Mozilla Firefox is planning to roll out default controversial encryption tool throughout the US but did not make Domain-over-DNS (DoH) encryption to the UK. This tool somehow prevents you from other sites that you don't want to visit.

Once you enter a URL into the address bar in Firefox, a request is sent to DNS server through the browser. Then it confirms your IP address and matches it. In general, this request is simply sent in plain text form, but with the Domain-over-DNS tool, this request becomes encrypted. It will help your application to prevent from other sites that might hijack your request. It also safe your request by stopping it to taking your request to another website that you don't want.    


Impact of Domain-over-DNS

DoH is beneficial for security purposes. Obviously, it is stopping your request to send to any fraud websites. On such sites, your data can harvest quickly, and with DoH, it becomes safe. The website related to child abuse and other illegal websites is prevented by UK ISPs that uses centralized filters. DoH also breaks centralized filters in the UK. 

According to the Guardian, Mozilla has planned to allay each issue or fear. Also, it has told the United Kingdom government that Mozilla doesn't have any intentions to make the DoH as default there.

Still, the company (Firefox Mozilla) is not planning to turn on the DoH tool in the UK as default. It won't turn on the DoH by default without any public or private stakeholders invitation said Alan Davidson (Mozilla's vice-president of the global policy).  

What's more? 

Alan Davidson also wanted to point out some beneficial potential advantages of Domain-over-DNS fir users who are currently using Mozilla in the UK. He wrote that as current DNS requests are unencrypted, the connecting roads which take the citizens to their online destination are still open in Mozilla. It may be used by attack communications, bad actors looking to violate user privacy and spy on browsing activity.    

Mozilla will be putting security in place. Also, once DoH becomes the default in the US, it will automatically turn off in case of parental controls detection in the operating system.    

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