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Facts and Benefits of Sabal Palms in North and South Carolina

Posted by palmtreedepot on September 27th, 2019

Sabal Palms are one of the native palms that are least appreciated. They are simply a medium size palms that are usually found in Florida. As these trees have various features like drought tolerant capacity, salt tolerant, cold hardy, pest and disease free in nature, and thus they have become the choice of many people in Florida as well as in other parts of the globe. Apart from this, there are many other facts of these trees, some of which are given below.

  • These tress endures fire, flood, wind, etc. and recovers early after a natural calamity.

  • These trees can be carried easily and planted on harsh urban sites.

  • There are some universities in the globe who have done research on the age and growth rate of these trees. According to a study by the University of Florida, these trees require 10-15 years for their growth. And the trunks usually grow at 6 inches per year.

  • These trees are often found in the landscape and are usually 30-40 ft tall with the trunk size of at least 20 ft. Apart from this; they are usually 70-80 years old.

  • Growing Sabal palms is a long term process which requires patience. The propagation of Sabal Palms is from seeds and are used by the people for landscaping purpose.

  • Sabal Palms with trunk size less than 3 ft are not easily transplanted, but are quite attractive. They can be moved easily from one place and can be grown on another place.

Apart from the above given facts, there are many other facts and these trees are used by many people for various purposes like,

  • Used for food purpose,

  • For making utilitarian items,

  • Preparation of drugs,

  • For wild life purpose, etc.

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