Amazing facts about Sun. Do you think sun rotate?

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What do you know about the rotation of the sun? Every morning you have to see the sun then you have no knowledge that it is rotating or not. While the Earth rotates then people notice the change of day and night. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate on its own axis.

The rotation or revolution of the sun is measured by using different features. One instance of these is the sunspots. These sunspots are similar to dark spots while sawing using a telescope. They are produced by the powerful magnetic movement of the sun. In this article, you will know much more facts about the earth and the sun. There are lots of interesting things about the sun which you do not know. Some of them as under;

Part of the Solar System

Sun is the most important part of the solar system. The sun is 99.8% of the part of the solar system. The sun is not as solid as the earth because it is made of plasma and gases. This is the main reason because of its faster rotation around the earth than the other stars.

Made up of mostly helium and hydrogen

If you want to know about the sun then you come to know that 24% comes from helium and 74% of its mass comes from hydrogen. The leftover 2% is consist of nickel, iron, oxygen, and all the other solar system elements. In further, the sun is mostly made of hydrogen.

Pretty bright of the sun

There are lots of bright and big stars in the solar system like Betelgeuse and Eta Carina. But those stars far away from the earth. So our sun is the 4th bright star in the solar system and it is not bad at all.

A middle-aged stars

Astronomers think that the solar system made from the solar nebula about 4.59 billion ages ago. The Sun is in the key system stage at the moment, slowly burning up its hydrogen fuel. But at some time, in about 5 billion years, the Sun will go into the red huge phase, where it waves up to put away the inner planets – including Earth.

The Sun has layers

As you know that the sun is like a big burning ball but it has its own inner structure. The outer layer is called the photosphere which has about 6,000 degrees Kelvin temperature. Under is the convective area, wherein heat transfers slowly from the internal Sun to the surface. This zone begins at 70 percent of the radius of the Sun. under the convection, the area is the radiative region. Here, heat can travel by radiation. The main of the Sun covers from the midpoint of the Sun to a distance of 0.2 solar radii.

Various parts of the Sun rotate by different speeds

Unlike the planets, the Sun is a great big sphere of hydrogen gas. Because of this, different parts of the Sun rotate at different speeds. You can see how fast the surface is rotating by tracking the movement of sunspots across the surface. Regions at the equator take 25 days to complete one rotation, while features at the poles can take 36 days. And the inside of the Sun seems to take about 27 days.

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