5 best Nintendo Switch games you can play right now - 2019

Posted by Robert Wadra on September 27th, 2019

The best Nintendo Switch games is an exciting place, especially with games like Animal Crossing Switch and Pokemon Sword and Shield on the horizon. But even before they arrive, there is plenty on this best Nintendo Switch games list for all gamers.

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We're not quite sure how the Nintendo Switch has managed it, but we're not even getting started with all the games that the console has on offer. Overwhelming much? If you're looking to pick up the best Nintendo Switch bundle for you, and want to know which games you should get first, and one more thing which you must know about it is where to get free Nintendo Switch Gift Card.

We've listed the best titles available on the Switch in ascending order from 25 to the hallowed number one spot.

1. Night in the Woods

Why should you buy it? If you haven't played Night in the Woods yet, the fact it's now on Switch means you have no excuse now. It's high on the list of best indie games of 2017, and although it might look like a cutesy adventure of cats, foxes, and crocodiles in a colorful world, it's far darker than that. The story flows with sub-currents of mental health issues, concerns about identity and failure, death, mourning, love, and all kinds of growing up pains, and it's all utterly brilliant.

You play as Mae, as she works out how to come home after dropping out of college to a town that's not quite the same anymore, and is full of her past - both good and bad. Rhythm action, platforming, and other gameplay tropes are all roped into telling Mae's story, and thanks to the fact it comes free with the Weird Autumn DLC, the Switch port is the best way to experience her journey. Just be prepared, the scariest monster in the dark woods is you.

2. Thumper

Why should you buy it? Thumper might initially remind you of something a little gentler like Audiosurf as you glide down slick, stylized pathways with electronica in your ears but don't be deceived, this aural extravaganza requires a calm head and pitch-perfect twitch reflexes.

Initially, your giant bug requires a tap of A as you go over a light panel or perhaps holding a button as you crash around corners, but before long you're tapping, flying, crashing down onto the track and causing tidal waves to destroy enormous floating heads and that's only the beginning.

Utterly unforgiving with a soundtrack that you can't pump into your head loud enough, Thumper is a treat for the senses, and potentially RSI inducing for your thumbs.

3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Why should you buy it? If you missed out on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze the first time around thanks to its Wii U exclusivity which is entirely plausible - you need to catch up on DK's latest adventures.

This is a gem of a 2D platformer that's been remastered for Switch, running at 720p HD in handheld mode and full 1080p HD on the big screen. Donkey Kong has never looked so good.

You'll be side-scrolling through a variety of stunning levels, and thanks to a wide range of enemies and challenges, it never feels dull. And if you want our advice, it is best played with the soundtrack on full blast.

4. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Why should you buy it? Get past the aesthetic fuelling the Binding of Isaac's narrative - in which a young, naked boy held captive in his home attempts to escape his mom's murderous intentions by navigating underground caverns and crying at enemies -  and there's one hell of a game here from Edmund McMillen.

Each run is a randomly generated dungeon, pulling inspiration equally from games like The Legend of Zelda and Spelunky, and as you take on a menagerie of demons, you'll pick up a variety of mysterious items which can help (or hinder) you on your quest to the bottom. Want laser tears or maps to every level? How about one giant tear droplet to steer around the demonic enemies?

5. Bayonetta 2

Why should you buy it? Originally released as a Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2 has now been re-released on Switch, and it means that you now have no excuses not to play it. Although, when the heroine is a witch with magical hair and (literally) killer stilettos, you won’t need an excuse not to.

This Switch release allows you to experience some of the most action-packed, brutal moments from the last decade of gaming wherever you want. Although it’s a shame the resolution is locked to 720p, even on your TV, it doesn’t detract from the fact it’s a better game than it was on Wii U, even if you look at the major frame rate improvements alone.

The game looks stunning regardless, and if you’re an action game fan in the slightest, you owe it to yourself to play Bayonetta 2. When you buy Bayonetta 2 you go one better, because you get the original game thrown in for free too.

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