Participating In An Anime Cosplay? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Out

Posted by Mike Smith on September 28th, 2019

Cosplay competitions are very common, and a lot of people participate in these every single year. The world of anime enthusiasts take cosplays very seriously and they spend days researching their outfits and styles of their favorite anime characters. Are you planning to join a cosplay competition for your local anime convention? Here are a few tips that will help you get the best Anime cosplay for the anime convention –

Choose the right wigs

The right wig is extremely important as most of the anime characters are known by the type of hair they have. For example, if you are doing a cosplay of Naruto but don’t have the same wig as that of his hair, the entire cosplay outfit will fall flat. You need to check with the best online anime contact storeto get high-quality wigs that look realistic as well as last a long time.

Colored lenses are a must

Every anime character has a set of eye color that needs to be duplicated in case you are portraying that specific anime character. Double-check the lenses colors so that you get the best crazy lenses online that match the eye color as that of the anime character.

A lot of cosplay characters forget to get the colored lenses which leaves their entire look incomplete. In order to complete the whole look and bring it all together, getting anime contacts for your eyes is an absolute must.

Practice the body language

You need to get the body language right, and this means not just the way of standing but also the body movements, accent, and facial expressions. There are going to be so many different cosplay artists and in order to stand out, you will need to get the entire body language and expressions right.

During the cosplay round, you will need to show your cosplay skills, and this is where the body language of the anime character will come into consideration. Right from walking to using the weapons, everything will be noticed by the judges.

Get the accent right

When you buy anime contact lenses, wigs and even practice the body language, getting the accent right is equally important. You can fail the cosplay round if you don’t have the accent right which is why you must practice the accent and the facial expressions. This is an absolute must because every character has a distinct style of speaking and accent too.

DIY a few accessories

It is usually very difficult to find the best-supporting accessories for your cosplay outfit which is why you need to DIY the accessories yourself. This can be quite a challenge but thanks to the numerous YouTube videos out there, you can easily create the best swords, shields, bags, etc. with household items.

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