Prevent leaking data to third parties with VPN

Posted by freemexy on September 28th, 2019

Prevent leaking data to third parties with VPN
With the growth of the internet, there is more and more attention for the importance of privacy, but there is also more and more money to be made with data. Large batches of data about users are sold to a third party for a huge amount of money. A way of working that has become so commonplace that even many popular websites are guilty of this. That is at least the conclusion of a recent research at Princeton University.
What are we talking about?
The researchers at Princeton University investigated to what extent you can really enjoy anonymity on the internet. The conclusion was shocking: hundreds of very popular websites use so-called “session replay” scripts. In concrete terms, it means that all keystrokes, mouse movements, the scroll behavior and also the content of the pages you visit, are stored. Subsequently, without being informed about this in any way, that session will be forwarded to third parties. This type of script was originally developed to gain insight into how users use a website and where necessary to make it clearer. A noble goal that today is only a partial aspect of the use of these scripts. The data that is collected goes much further than you expect as a user.
Loss of anonymity
Anonymity is high on the wish list for many surfers on the internet. It is therefore quite disturbing to realize that the data that is forwarded does not always remain anonymous. There are several companies active on the market that link the recorded sessions of your surfing behavior to your real identity. Sounds probably not too serious for most people, but certainly has the potential to be that. For example, this type of scripts can be responsible for leaking medical complaints, personal information, passwords and items such as credit card details.
The question is of course what you can do against these types of scripts. The answer is unfortunately very little. For example, the most popular ad blockers do not block this type of script and that is not a solution. The good news? There is indeed a way to guarantee your anonymity and make such practices useless. By using a virtual private network, a so-called VPN, you surf absolutely anonymously on the internet and it is impossible to link information about surfing behavior to your identity.

VPN security
How does this VPN security work? That has everything to do with the VPN encryption that guarantees your VPN anonymity. In concrete terms, by using a VPN server, all information generated from your computer (or tablet or smartphone) immediately receives the necessary VPN encryption. The VPN server is a private connection between your computer and the final destination that can not be decrypted. In addition, a VPN connection guarantees complete VPN anonymity. This is because a VPN administrator has numerous servers around the world. You log in, choose a server and it seems to all outsiders as if you surf the internet from the location of this server. It will be impossible to link your surfing behavior to your identity! VPN download

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