How to Select a Microwave Oven

Posted by basshopper on September 29th, 2019

Contemporary microwave ovens boast that they do much more than just cook ready meals and thaw ingredients. Nowadays, more appliances are available that not only grill chicken, meat, fish or toast, but also bake pizza or biscuits with hot air. In a certain way, they can replace a conventional oven.

First of all, it is important to realize what you will use the microwave for. If you have a classic oven at home, it is not worth investing in a microwave with grill or hot air. All you need is a basic device. On the other hand, do not expect a combination microwave to fully replace a conventional oven in your kitchen. The main obstacle is a much smaller usable volume. Baking Christmas cookies is not an option.

The appliances are simple to use and economical at exactly the exact same period and can come highly recommended for its modern households. Toaster ovens come in different shapes and sizes from various manufacturers and you'll be able to apply these quick tips to choose the very best appliance to get your entire day to day needs. You may get more information on oven by visiting The Complete kitchen Co website.


You do not have to worry about leaking harmful radiation from the microwave. We have not seen any such offenses in our tests. However, there is a greater risk of overheating the points the operator may come into contact with. In the case of built-in models, it is the glass of the door and the whole housing of the device, in the built-in variants it is only the door, because the rest of the device is inaccessible for the operator.

In the current test, we have not measured above-the-limit temperatures in any built-in model, but in the past we have found temperatures in excess of 100° C. The problem is that in a regular brick and mortar store you will find it very difficult to know because the microwave needs to be in operation for some time; in the laboratory we measure the temperature after 30 minutes. It will therefore depend on the willingness of the operator to let you switch on the device.

If you have children, you should choose a microwave with a child safety lock. Some devices solve this problem by pressing the button which must be pressed to open the door or by increasing the resistance of the door at the beginning of opening. We recommend a variant with a button that represents a bigger obstacle for the child than pulling the door properly.

Examine and test the microwave

Examine and test the microwave with your own eyes is not at all. After all, each of us prefers something different. For example, classic buttons and rotary knobs suit one, another touch panel. In relation to the touch panel, it should be noted that on the one hand it is easier to maintain, but on the other hand, it may require greater pressure on the buttons. Pay attention to the clarity of the controls. Often the symbols are incomprehensible and instructions for use are required for correct setting. Most combined microwaves are also equipped with a display that provides better information to the operator.

Some devices are quite noisy, they make various clicks, creaks or hums so it's good to turn them on at the store. Others have an improperly shaped door handle, which may be an obstacle for left-handed people, for example.


The volume of the manufacturer's interior is often much larger than the actual sometimes it can vary by ten liters. Therefore you want to know the actual usable volume of the oven.

Initial setbacks?

Didn't you bake a chicken or pizza the first time? Don't despair. You need to get to know each device a little. In the case of a combined microwave, this is doubly true, as the often set temperature does not correspond to the actual one, and the frozen pizza is either incomplete or burnt. It just takes a little practice. Automatic programs do not have to be an advantage either. Although they are equipped with a microwave, such as a grilled chicken or pizza program, this does not mean that the result will be good. In the test we usually had to adjust the settings based on the practical experience of the laboratory.

Built-in microwave ovens

In the case of a built-in model, care must be taken to ensure sufficient ventilation, which is necessary for proper operation and long life of the microwave. The required space around the device is usually 5 to 10 centimeters. Therefore, before you buy the microwave, make sure that you have a wide enough and especially deep hole in the kitchen counter. Microwave width is not a problem, but depth can be. Some models can only be installed in classic deep cupboards.

Tips and tricks

Prepare dishes in plastic containers designed specifically for microwave use. Other plastic containers may overheat, warp or contaminate food. When using containers with lids, always make sure that they are not firmly attached so that the container does not explode due to the expanding charge.

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