5 Problems from the Life of a Marine Engineer

Posted by Ranjit Sharma on September 30th, 2019

Marine engineers are the heroes of the sea if the pirates didn’t exactly exist. Each year, B.tech marine engineering colleges produce hundreds of these heroes, giving them some of the most reputed jobs in the world. However, as adventurous as their lives are, they also face a lot of issues throughout their careers. Some of these reasons have also led to most engineers giving up on their jobs.

Here are some of the merchant navy problems in the lives of marine engineers:

  1.  Unbalanced lifestyle:

This is the most well-known and clear reason as nowadays more seafarers need "settled" occupations onshore. Toward the beginning of the vocation, a seafarer wouldn't fret having an "itinerant" sort of way of life, yet after specific years, particularly post marriage, he aches for an increasingly steady way of life, particularly with his family. This is unquestionably not another purpose for seafarers stopping ocean employments, however, it is as yet one of the prime explanations behind expert disappointment.

  1.   Personal problems:

Studies show that most of the marine engineers have been diagnosed with anxiety, stress, and depression. the reason behind these mental issues is not being able to stay close to the family. Most marine engineers leave behind their families at the shore for months or years together, which leads to them feeling homesick. regardless of how big an emergency is, the engineers in the sea will not be able to attend to their family. Hence, family or personal problems are some of the main reasons that the marine engineers quit their lives.

  1.     Fewer shore jobs:

Btech marine engineering colleges offer numerous jobs to marine engineering graduates. However, getting a shore job always remains a difficult task for most of the seafarers. The requirement for shore jobs requires an outstanding experience at the sea or an MBA degree. This also sums up to take up studies after a long time, which most engineers don’t prefer. If the engineers settle down to taking whatever job they got, they also have to compromise themselves on their salaries.

  1. Social life:

Nearly everybody who joins boats is raised in a social domain since birth. At the point when such individuals are all of a sudden presented to kept spaces of boats with practically unimportant public activity, negative impacts, for example, dissatisfaction, forlornness, and yearning to go home beginning negatively affecting them. At first, the life on ship probably won't appear to be terrible, however over the long haul, a feeling of vacancy starts sneaking in. The absence of collaboration with individuals and constraints on physical development make life progressively hopeless ready. It takes a great deal of boldness and mental consistent quality to keep a quiet and concentrated personality on the ship.

  1.   Onboard politics:

No matter what profession it is, staying away from politics is usually the toughest job. And when on the sea, it is very hard to keep away from politics with a very small group. This is one of the main reasons that most marine engineers quit their jobs today.

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