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Posted by Anand on September 30th, 2019

Physics is the most complex subject of Class 12 Science which requires all students to understand the basic concepts very well because all the difficult and tricky questions can be solved knowing your concepts clearly. Being a combination of numerical and theory Physics gives a hard time for students preparing for boards. It requires a thorough practice of numerical. Inboards exams, Physics is considered very important amongst the science stream subjects as it is a very scoring subject. Being a very elaborated and diverse subject with topics like Electromagnetic induction and Semiconductor devices which gives the student a hard time preparing for exams or even understanding the basics, it requires good understanding. Textbook exercises are not enough to master the subject, secondary study sources are important too. Exam pressure does affect students efficiency to learn and perform in boards. There are various apps available online. Extramarks is one of the best options for students to study. Extramarks App has been designed in a manner that is more descriptive as well as interest generating, having audiovisuals explanation of all chapters. Apart from schools and tuitions for boards preparation, students always understand more through self-study. Any problem or confusion in concepts faced while self-study which most students giving boards exams prefer, can be solved by using the Extramarks App easily. It has all the essential study material from the textbook and it also consists of various interactive learning tools that help students become enhanced learners. Solutions are of great help for Class 12 students as these cover questions that are often missed out by school teachers. The app has all the physics class 12 NCERT solutions. NCERT exercise solutions are important for good exam preparation. Practicing the Physics NCERT Class 12 solutions on the app helps students learn efficiently. Textbook solutions help students develop a good understanding of their strengths and weakness, making them efficient learners. Physics is taught in a fun way helps generates more interest in the subject amongst the students. The questions banks and assignments break the monotony and make students learn optimally. Audiovisual feature of the app has video lectures making learning interesting and visual learning is the best way to retain information. For better preparation for boards through the good secondary study material as well as NCERT solutions, download the Extramarks app now.


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