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Posted by mokshattri on September 30th, 2019

Mainly with the constant advancements in technology choosing the right option for building powerful and dynamic web applications is surely a tedious task. So, as we know, Linux, Apache web server, MYSQL database, Perl, Python or PHP posses a powerful platform comprising their own features. Won’t it be great, if there exists a platform which makes use of the above-said items together? LAMP developer is one such requirement which has gained popularity over the recent years. 

What is LAMP?

Linux based web servers mainly comprise of an arrangement of four software components that form a software stack. So, these components are arranged in layers to build a powerful web application platform. This grouping always empowers the websites and web applications to run on the top of this hidden stack. LAMP software is mainly an open-source platform which uses Linux as its operating system, Apache as a web server, PHP as the object-oriented scripting language and MySQL as the relational database management system

How LAMP Stack Benefits Your Business?

The most effective way to mainly develop a simple to complex enterprise-level web application is by using a LAMP as it holds customization, flexibility, and cost-effective, powerful security features.

All the components in LAMP stack are always open source software that is readily available in free. So, you can develop and deploy LAMP-based projects without paying any license fees for distributing the software

The use of PHP and MySQL facilitates mainly quick error fixing and perform modifications as users have complete access to the source

Development and Deployment Simplicity

Powerful web applications can also be built using LAMP technology with a simple code and it is easy to modify or extend the application as per your business requirements. 


Unlike other technology suppliers, the LAMP stack mainly does not limit your development options. It mainly offers complete flexibility to build and deploy applications considering your unique business needs.


As LAMP components are the always open source they provide great customization features with a wide range of additional modules and functionality.


LAMP technology is secure and stable. It mainly possesses a powerful security feature to mitigate vulnerable attacks and if any error occurs it can be fixed quickly in a financially savvy approach.

Support Community

It is always seen that a large number of experienced and good-minded people in the community are ready to offer prompt support during the phase of development, deployment and so on.

Economically Savvy

Compared to other software packages, LAMP stack is mainly economically savvy as it can be acquired at a comparatively low price.

In short, LAMP developer shines as an appropriate substitute to commercial packages and it operates as layered software programs that bestow an indispensable platform to develop and implement web-based applications and servers

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