World of Warcraft classic strong return, player enthusiasm is still there!

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on September 30th, 2019

World of Warcraft classic strong return, player enthusiasm is still there!

Years ago, Blizzard Games Company took advantage of World of Warcraft classics to create a wave of enthusiasm in the mmorpg world, so that the majority of gamers can truly and unforgettable to understand that MMORPG games can also achieve such excellent results. A blink of an eye has been flying for more than a decade, and World of Warcraft has undergone many major versions of change, the game screen has become more refined, and the strategy has become more interesting. But the essence of the game is always the same, and it has always been preserved in the evolution of countless versions.

During the 2017 Game Carnival, Blizzard Games announced that the much-anticipated "World of Warcraft Classic" server has been put into use. After several years of preparation, these servers have been debugged and running smoothly, with the help of these servers. Their experience in the game will be further improved, for example, it can greatly slow down the game's delay, lower the packet loss rate, and the player can smoothly transition when switching servers without directly dropping the line as before. Since the Wrath of the Lich King, fans have been hoping that the game team will be able to set up more servers in the bottom layer of the game. And provide the original version as in 2004. But according to the game director, Blizzard will never be released at the Blizzcon 2013 conference!

After the success of the World of Warcraft classic game, a large number of games began to flood the various platforms of the network. The game was so popular that the official team was unexpected. Although the official game team has not officially announced the number of game servers, but as far as I am on the experience of playing on the server, it is safe to say that "World of Warcraft" is as lively as ever. Especially considering that the current client of the game is not lacking players. And the official is also for this version of the game continues to warm up for a few weeks, the game's activity has not decreased. Click on ZZWOW to buy World of Warcraft gold coins, let the glory continue in the game!

From the past to the present, from the tribe to the alliance.

At the beginning of this version, World of Warcraft brought the players back to the original version - Azeroth. The latter is equivalent to playing the role of the "World of Warcraft" game console, especially the 1.12 version. The game has always played a leading role in MMO games and has remained so far. Although many of the great features in World of Warcraft Classic still exist, they still can't stop the dazzling new features. At the same time, some of the bugs in the game, the imbalance also makes him look very kind. The action bar is once again full of abilities and talents. These skills and talents are stripped from the game in Pandiya Fog to attract casual gamers.

This alliance has been around for 15 years with World of Warcraft. In these days of playing World of Warcraft, I have encountered many examples of players helping each other. I saw that the Senior Guild helped their friends to cross the area full of enemies, and there were dangerous gimmicks waiting for them in front of the enemy. I saw players throwing Classic WOW Gold to completely strangers so they can acquire new skills, and in today's version, this is no longer the same thing. If World of Warcraft Classic has a layered system with live games, it will all change.

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