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Posted by Monu on September 30th, 2019

At BuyRC Bath Salts, you can purchase all the body care and bath salt or RC products online. We are the industry leaders in this sector and manufacture products for a large number of brands. You can also find 5-(2-Aminopropyl) benzofuran online on our site.

5-(2-Aminopropyl) benzofuran is also known as 5-APB. It is the novel entactogen of the class of benzofuran which produces the MDA like stimulating effects and entactogenic when they are administered.

Synthesized in 1993

With us at BuyRC Bath Salts you can also find it. Our 5-APB is related structurally to the entactogens which include MDA, 6-ARB, and 5-MAPB. This is one of our products which were synthesized first in the year 1993 by the psychedelic researcher and chemist David E. Nichols as the potential alternative to MDMA which is non-neurotoxic.

However, it was not into that much recreational use earlier, but this is our product which has entered global research and rave scene market of chemicals. It is the one which is sold along with benzofuran entactogens with the name Benzofury. This name was given to it before its import and sale were banned subsequently.

Euphoric effects

Well, as compared to other related products as 5-MAPB and 6APB, our 5-APB is the compound which is well-known for its euphoric and stimulating effects that have resulted in its demands as the product and is accessible through our site.

One can find this amazing product online at our official site. We are also distributing it as the best alternative to the designer drug called MDMA for years. This is one of our products which is used by many and is advised highly for taking it with proper precautions.


The effects that occur during the offset of stimulant experiences are also felt as uncomfortable and negative in comparison to these effects that occurred during the peak. This is also referred to as the “come down” and occurs due to the depletion of neurotransmitters.

After effects

Some of its common after-effects include anxiety, depression, motivation suppression, and others.

Our - (2-Aminopropyl) benzofuran is also known as the triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor which can be used in place of MDA. It is available in powder form and offers euphoria feelings.

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