Some Tips To Keep German Piano Sydney Healthy

Posted by Ali Tariq on September 30th, 2019

No matter what type of a piano it is, You must have proper maintenance and keep the piano in a good condition. Tuning your piano will not always be easy. A piano’s value depends on its condition. Some come to think of the condition of their pianos when they have the need to sell it. When you do regular tuning, it will prevent the damages of the pianos. Moreover, tuning helps the delicate parts of the piano to work smoothly. You can do the following to fix wrong tuning in your German pianos Sydney and upright piano Sydney.

Pitch rising- this is a process of pre-tuning. The process prepares the strings to be tuned. Doing this in a wrong way might affect the piano’s timbre.

Double tuning- this is where overall tune performs before a fine-tuning. There is a chance for weak strings to go out with the first tuning process.

Choose the best place to have your piano

If you own a German piano Sydney or planning to buy an upright piano Sydney, whichever it is first you need to choose the right room condition to keep your piano. The following guidelines will help you create a room for the piano to protect it.

  • Temperature- it is wise to maintain the right temperature for your piano. An ideal temperature is between 70-72⁰F. Shallow temperature or high temperature might upset tuning. Make sure to maintain the proper temperature level for your piano room and avoid climate fluctuations. In addition, move your pianos from exterior walls, fireplaces, windows, and doors. However, if the room has temperature extremes, make sure to keep the room well-closed and protected. If the floor is cold, you can place a rug beneath the piano.

  • Humidity- fluctuation of humidity can cause damage to the wood, including the soundboard. This would result in tuning issues, silent keys, and changes in timbre. The ideal humidity level is about 35- 45%. 

  • Decrease exposure- when the explosion of the piano to other elements is more, it can cause damage to the piano. Dust and smoke easily reach the interior of the piano. You can close the lid of the piano and find an excellent way to cover the keyboard adequately. Do not keep your piano under direct sunlight-German piano Sydney or upright piano Sydney both should be kept away from direct sunlight. Keeping under direct sunlight might cause yellowing keys

  • The correct room- drywalls, carpets, and curtains balance the clear or mildly piercing sound. Also, wooden floors supplement mellow piano voices.

How can you determine the value of your piano?

When someone wants to purchase your piano, the first thing they will notice is the exterior of the piano. Less damage done to the exterior, the piano will look more desirable. The next will look into the piano more profound. Read the following to get an idea about how worth your piano might be.

Conditions of the keyboard- check each key. The keys should not be out of volume or out of tune or muted. Check the keyboard alignment. See whether yellowed or stained keys are available. These will undoubtedly reduce the value of your piano.

Pedals- understand each piano pedal. Check whether they are rusty or sticky. These problems will address in decreasing the value of your piano.  

Wood- if there are damages on your piano such as scratches, sun damage, and cracks might depreciate the value of the piano.

Inspect the interior- inspecting a piano’s interior is a little tight. Look for the following things,

See whether the soundboard is out of shape or cracked.

Strings that are worn down or rusted. 

Look for strings that have made fracturing hollows in the surrounding.

Hammers that are not fixed properly. 

Last steps- search the specific details about your piano. They are such as finding your pianos serial number and get the piano manufacturer’s name, and find out when the piano was manufactured.


By going through this article, you would find out many details to keep your piano well-maintained. German piano Sydney and upright piano Sydney are two options that you can choose to purchase. But purchasing shouldn’t be uncertain or rushed because it is a huge investment. 

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