Why Is It Beneficial to Use Cloud-Based System for Document Management?

Posted by Sakshi Gupta on September 30th, 2019

Document management in a cloud-based system implies storing your files in a remote data centre, which can be accessed at any time from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. One of the key advantages of using cloud based document management is the ability to edit documents online regardless of your location or the device that you’re using. This function can also be extended to co-workers, partners, clients, or suppliers. The benefits of using a cloud-based system for document management are many, which makes online document editing a priority when choosing a document management service. Here are the benefits:


When individuals or groups are made to work on centrally located files, whether they’re in the same office or located anywhere in the world; as a result, their productivity & collaboration will increase. No time will be wasted searching for the latest version of a file to track the changes has been made, and there’s no need to send copies or email attachments to ensure everyone has the latest copy. Work gets done in real-time, and the results can be seen immediately.

Increased Access

There has been a radical change in how people work nowadays. Users now want access to their files 24*7 no matter where they are. When employees are given the flexibility on where and how they work, they’ll be happier, the absenteeism will decrease, and productivity will increase. Storing your documents in a cloud-based system helps you to realize these productivity benefits.


Cloud based document management provides optimum protection of your corporate & personal information. Your documents will be safe and secure in redundant and fault-tolerant data centres that are designed for protection and business continuity. Your files will always be available whenever you need them, and no document will be lost on someone’s hard drive or memory stick. Thus, having your data stored in a country is vital if you want to maintain control over regulated data & documents.


For the organizations who manage their documents internally, the need to purchase file servers and software, including the cost of maintenance them continues to increase while the I.T. budgets shrink. Therefore using cloud based document management service can address this problem. Also, it can be set up in minimal time, and users can be added or removed in a matter of minutes. User training and adoption is easier and less time consuming; this results in additional cost savings. With the shrinking I.T. budgets, moving this service to a monthly operational expense is the right choice!

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