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Posted by Jane Edison on September 30th, 2019

There are a few misconceptions regarding the NC state credit union and it is best to stay informed and take a decision that will benefit your current situation and plans, especially if you want to obtain a loan or open an account. Some believe that unions are somehow exclusive and they do not take in any members, unless you meet strict requirements or know someone. Some regard them as payday lenders, but these conceptions are not true and it is always recommended to find out things on your own and discuss with someone specialized and reliable. Over the years, unions increased in demand and more and more people became members, because there are very positive aspects. One of the best features is friendliness. Banks in North Carolina seem cold and whenever you enter, you are treated as a client and sometimes you do not even obtain the attention needed or extra explanations. Many are rejected when seeking a loan, a mortgage and feel like they are unable to accomplish their goals. Unions are friendlier and more accessible from this point of view, because they are smaller and maintain great connections with members and the community. They respond to inquiries, take time to sit down with members and find out what they need, how they can help and make sure they can count on each other. The NC state credit union is actually a financial cooperative, and the main goal is not to make money from their members, but to develop a jointly and democratic organization. One person’s deposit money helps another obtain the loan they need. It is a different point of view, because there are no stockholders and members have voting rights and know what happens within the union. There are different requirements necessary to register, but in some cases it is enough to simply live within the area and in terms of products and services, they are very similar to banks. You can even find investment options, saving and checking accounts, loans and more. Banks in North Carolina have high rates and interest rates on loans because they need to make profits and this is one way to achieve it. Not to mention that many clients are unsatisfied with the level of service received, because in many cases representatives don’t take their time to sit down and discuss all matters and answer all questions. Staff is usually cold and impersonal and not everyone is fully aware of financial terms, so they need to evaluate the terms better and it is always helpful to have someone experienced and reliable. This is one aspect highlighted by credit unions and how members support the community and those who want to join the cooperative. They take the time to sit down with members and those interested and go through all requirements, to take better decisions and know what to expect in the future. Union members have voting rights and they know what happens within the organization, taking part in meetings and such. To find out about requirements you can start by looking online. Many institutions have websites these days and you can find the ones within your location, study their products and services and even read reviews and testimonials from other members. After having a general idea, it is time to discuss with a representative and point out your needs. In many cases, it is required to open an account and make a minimum deposit. The amount varies, but everything is discussed upfront and you know what to expect and if it meets your expectations. At any point you can obtain a loan, mortgage, make investments, get a credit card, and open a checking or savings account and more. Unions provide the same products and services as any other financial organization.

You can be sure that not only banks in North Carolina provide financial products and services and if you look well enough, you can even find something better out there. One good example is the NC state credit union and you can see what requirements exist to become a member, so feel free to investigate. 

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