Causes of Teenage Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Posted by Clearfork Academy on September 30th, 2019

It’s difficult to fully understand the human mind, what makes people tick, and how they might respond to adverse situations. Regardless though, many adults experience some level of mental health problems during their lives, so imagine the kinds of difficulties a teenager must be dealing with? Teens nowadays have multiple issues affecting their lives at any one time, and they seldom feel comfortable sharing them with anyone. What makes matters worse is that parents have little time, and in some cases, little desire to focus on their child’s mental state. Because of this lack of awareness in their son or daughter’s psychological well-being, parents don’t typically notice any behavioral or mood changes in their kids. Without the love and attention they so desperately need and crave, these kids feel misunderstood and stressed and then frequently turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to calm their anxiety and get some peace of mind. If you are in a situation where you think that your teen has become dependent on drugs or alcohol, then you must consider enrolling them in a reputable teen rehabs center that offers effective treatment programs.

Below is a quick rundown of the factors that motivate teens to become addicted to drugs and alcohol; take a look:

  • Influenced by watching movies and from celebrities, media, movie stars, and other influencers who glamorize the use of drugs and alcohol.

  • To escape from an unhappy or frustrating situation.

  • Influenced by peers.

  • To escape from boredom or because of a fear of missing out.

  • Because of a will to explore the undiscovered side of their personality. Many kids who are otherwise shy tend to find a new version of themselves when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Believe drugs and alcohol are a quick way to happiness.

  • Due to the lack of awareness and misinformation about drugs. Teenagers usually take advice from their friends who act as experts and recommend the use of drugs as a way of leading a more fulfilling life.

  • As a way to be rebellions about a given situation.

If you think any of these reasons have pushed your child towards a life of addiction, then you need to act now and contact a facility like Clearfork Academy whose professionals offer the best rehab for teenagers. Clearfork Academy is a Christian-based rehabilitation center with a mission of transforming your child’s inner self through therapy and the teachings of Christ. They have a team of dedicated and licensed therapists who try to understand and then treat the root causes of addiction in teen boys.

About Clearfork Academy:

Clearfork Academy is a highly acclaimed teen rehabilitation center in the Fort Worth area that believes in the potential of teen boys and wants to help them fight their battle with alcohol and drug addiction.

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