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Posted by skjjuris on September 30th, 2019

Most of the law firms these days face a lot of issues in document review, which might be confusing and time taking. But the intervention of electronics discovery also known as e-discovery has improved consistency in legal proceedings such as litigations and government investigation. When legal professionals think of 'e-discovery,' the only thing that comes to their mind is attorney document review. The review process of e-Discovery involves the analysis and review of collected documents of a particular case to determine whether the documents collected are relevant to the case or not. It also tells whether any of the collected documents contain protected or privileged information. The document review in eDiscovery is usually done by softwares that are developed with the help of predictive coding which integrates artificial intelligence in the process of eDiscovery document review.

SKJ Juris is a document reviewcompany that offers you eDiscovery document review through human efforts to make sure that the case has been studied deeply.Weresolve all the issues concerned with the case by examining all the detailed contents of the documents. Our document review services ensure that personal attention is provided to the cases with compassion and attention to details.

E-Discovery, when done with human effort rather than the machine intervention, has a systematic approach to document review and results in the following benefits:

  • Efficiency-Document review is very much important for legal proceedings and so is efficiency. A strong team for review sets objectives for each and every member so that the work is done efficiently and smoothly. They also track the signs of progress to address productivity issues.
  • Quality control- A team of reviewers is always concerned with quality control measures. They take several steps to prevent any type of mistakes such as they conduct a review at different levels to verify the accuracy of reviewers. They also work on sampling to expose larger issues like overlooked keywords or not looking deeply into the relevant documents.
  • Background case information- It is completely impossible to conduct a document review for a case without having a detailed knowledge of the case.The reviewers are aware of each and every minute detail of the case and easily focus on the keywords, data ranges to look for while examining the documents and key names that are involved with the case in the documents.
  • Strategy for the case- Apart from having background knowledge of the case, it is equally important to have a strategy for it. Facts reveal the story of the case whereas review reveals the pattern for approach and quicker settlement.

The review of documents is usually done by a group of people at any document review company. The review team comprises of attorneys and various legal professionals who help provide document review services for all kinds of legal proceedings.SKJ Juris, which is a document review company, stays updated on the changing laws regarding document review and upgrades its document review services by updating the database and providing training to team members on the same.

Review is associated with the case strategy and the story of both the litigants.The cases which involve lots of relevant players need more precise document reviews for the case. We are a document review company that knows the importance of document review and work as a third-party document reviewer for many cases such as corporate litigants. We, at SKJ Juris, help in all kinds of document review services and provide high quality and expert solutions to the clients.

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