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Posted by Jane Edison on September 30th, 2019

Knowing the major advantages of the NC state credit union is recommended, especially if you want to take an inspired decision. After you join the union you are not just a client, you become a member and you have access to voting rights, better customer service and dividends. Members have a say in meetings and they can vote when it comes to taking decisions. This is because you contribute to the union’s development and this is applicable to all financial institutions, but it seems that not many are able to put customers first. The good news is that some manage to do it and for this aspect they are respected.

Besides rights and being treated better, you will take advantage of better rates at the NC state credit union. You will pay less on loans and you will earn more on deposits. Considering the non-profit aspect, they don’t want to make money to please shareholders, they want to satisfy members and offer them great rates, for loans and on deposit accounts as well. It is also a known fact that within the union you will pay lower fees. It is a win-win situation, as you will save money by paying less on fees and by obtaining better loan rates. You can check in advance the available fees and when you need to pay them, in order to make a comparison to other institutions.

When you usually go to the bank, representatives there don’t always have the time to answer all your inquiries and guide you through the process, explain terms and conditions and such. This is not the case with the credit union NC, as you will certainly obtain personalized customer services and benefit from other members’ experience and high professionalism. Considering they are smaller organizations, they focus on members and getting to know them and their needs. Even in specific situations, such as having a poor credit score or getting denied by banks for a mortgage, you can discuss with someone within the union and find out how to improve the score and how to obtain something you desire so much.

The community comes first and the credit union NC does offer many perks, such as grants scholarships, fundraisers and makes donations for different organizations. The aim is to help people live within a certain community and this is one of the requirements to join the union after all. In many cases, it is necessary to live, work, study or worship in a certain location and you can become a member. Opening an account is also necessary and making a minimum deposit. This aspect depends on the credit union and it is best to find out in advance how much you need to deposit. The information is offered freely and available online, considering many advertise their products and services online and people have access to data at any point.

Back in the days, membership requirements were tougher, but it is not the case anymore and there are fewer restrictions. Some people believe that there is a limited branch of ATMs and they are unable to withdraw money or make deposits, check their balance and such. Although they operate in one location, some credit unions have joined forces and allow members to have access to different ATMs, without worrying about paying extra fees. Another major plus is that they keep up with latest technologies, such as mobile and internet banking. It is more convenient to make transactions and have access to personal accounts at any time. This is something that many appreciate and along with other mentioned benefits, it is no wonder why the popularity and credibility of unions increase and why so many people decide to switch to them. 


Do you want to find out more about the NC state credit union? Members will be more than willing to answer all your questions and assist with financial needs. No matter what type of financial products you require, the credit union NC lives up to the expectations and delivers excellent customer service in the same time. 

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