Importance and Significance of a Mangalsutra in India

Posted by Nik Samuel on September 30th, 2019

Mangalsutra plays a vital role in Indian women specially in Hindu religion, so let’s find more about it. Keep reading…

What is Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra or "mangalsutram" developed from a Sanskrit expression 'mangal' signifies prosperous, favored, upbeat, fruitful and 'sutram' which means rope. Preferably, a mangalsutra is made of 108 (a promising number) fine cotton strings contorted together and colored yellow in saffron or turmeric. On the string, a gold thali is hung in the middle.

During the wedding function, the cleric presents mantras (drones) when the man of the hour ties the mangalsutra around the lady's neck, protecting it with three bunches. This demonstration of tying a mangalsutra connotes the lucky man and the lady of the hour are joined together and have an obligation of dealing with one another.

The mangalsutra is viewed as a promising special necklace and the lady of the hour herself is said to be propitious (sumangala). By wearing the mangalsutra, the lady of the hour is said to end up resistant to the hostile stare. By augmentation, any individual who sees her is naturally allowed good karma.

Mangala is additionally the name of the planet Mars, whose shading is red, same as the promising article of clothing shading worn by Hindu ladies. In light of this affiliation, it's entirely expected to utilize coral diamond (manga) that is holy to Mars. Mangalsutra chain is made of dark glass dabs (kala pota). It's said to repulse the hostile stare.

Why Indian Women Wear Mangalsutra?

Here are 4 major reasons, for which Indian Women wear mangalsutra after their marriage:

  1.  The mangalsutra is the image of the obligation of relationship between Shiva (spouse) and Shakti (wife). Fundamentally, it's an indivisible security between the spouse and the wife.
  2.  Married Women are relied upon to wear the mangalsutra all through their lifetime and it is accepted to improve the prosperity of her significant other and family.
  1. The three bunches ties speak to significant parts of marriage. The principal bunch speaks to her acquiescence her significant other, the subsequent bunch means her responsibility to the in-laws and the third bunch speaks to the regard for the God.
  1.  Mangalsutra is generally a dark beaded chain in the slight wire of gold. The gold wire and dark dots should decimate the upsetting vibrations. The dark globules retain the negative vitality before they can arrive at the lady and her family. Fundamentally, the mangalsutra goes about as a defensive sheath around a lady's body and shields the marriage from any underhanded.

Design Consideration of Mangalsutra:

  1.  Length of Mangalsutra.
  2.  Pendant of Mangalsutra.

What is the “Saying” if Mangalsutra breaks?

If a mangalsutra breaks a few people trust it's misfortune however as a general rule, it is only an accident. This may happen because of numerous reasons like wearing it around evening time, taking care of it forcefully or if the piece isn't made appropriately. So don't accuse the misfortune or malice. Mangalsutra is there to shield you from underhandedness and not the a different way.

Conclusion: Mangalsutra has been really a part of Hindu women because of many, which you must have understand by above points. It is one of those ornaments which important and almost every women wear it in India. So obviously they are important somehow and really lucky to have when you are married.

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