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Posted by JamJar on September 30th, 2019

Are you the one who could relate everything with music? Someone who wants to fill every moment of life with music, then you must pursue your passion. Gone are the days when Musicians strived for getting works and were underpaid. All the big-name have earned millions by music. If you also want to earn by music then you should start taking small steps to achieve big.

In this article, we would be sharing tips for the budding musicians for guiding them to earn by music in their struggling phase. Let's get on a musical ride with these tips.

Earn by music by giving music tutorials:

Many people wish to join the music industry but don't have an experienced person to teach them. You can be the guiding light for them and being a responsible musician you should share your knowledge with others. You can start by online tutorials or even take private tuitions. There are many opportunities when you mix your music with teaching.

Earn by music by creating a website

Advertising yourself is the only way to get more gigs. You would have seen people getting on social media and various platforms to advertise themselves. But, whenever you search for them on google you look out for blogs or some sort of info about them on their website. All the big musicians have their websites where you could find info about their life, events, and upcoming gigs. Hence, it's important to have one. Also, one can earn by letting others post on your website, run ads and much more.

Earn by music by starting a YouTube channel

Remember those days when you surfed youtube channels to learn those difficult chords? Yesss. Same goes for other viewers. Youtube pays you when you have enough likes and subscribers. You can share your tips, blogs and much more. Justin Beiber is a perfect example. He was discovered via YouTube itself. Some musicians were signed by big labels just because they got viral on youtube. You never know if you could be next.

Earn by music by being a band stand-in

There are times when one of the band members ditches last moment or may just get sick. This is the time when you call for fillers or stand-in. It might even land you performing with a renowned band. Every opportunity is big and what's wrong in grabbing them when they help you earn more.

Earn by music by writing music

If you have an understanding of your target audience you can start writing lyrics. Many famous musicians don't write lyrics for themselves but have hired someone else. Sia is the perfect example, she used to write songs for others and now she is a very big musician.

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