Poker Cheating Cards

Posted by Tareq Aziz on September 30th, 2019

People all know that it is quite normal and natural to win and lose in poker games sometimes or always. As an honest poker player, you may hope to have good luck to get better hands for winning in games. As a professional poker player, you may be relying on your poker fundamental skills for winning and getting benefits in games.

However, some scrupulous players use some magic tricks such as poker cheating cards like marked playing cards to break the fair poker rules of luck and skills, for the poker cheating cards can greatly increase poker player’s winning odd.

Though poker cheating cards are the same as the ordinary clean cards in the appearance, they are impossible to detect with any naked eyes, which make the poker cheating marked cards popular and widely used in poker games and tournaments. This is creating unnecessary distrust among live poker players who cannot enjoy the game carefully if they are suspicious of any tricks with the poker cards. If you know that your opponent win the games not because of his great luck, but due to his sleight of hand, what will you do? Or what will you think? Probably you will be very angry and crazy. You will not play games with a cheater any more for it destroys the fairness of the game.

Thus it's better that we can know more about the poker cheating cards so as to avoid being cheated and also you can get some such products for magic shows or great fun!

H2:what are poker cheating cards?

The so called cheating cards here refers to the special marked playing cards that people might use in games for tricks. So far, the poker marked cards for cheating mainly include two kinds of marked decks.

Firstly, it is the marked cards with secret code marks that you can see with naked eyes after getting the code and practice while others can't see the marks easily. This kind of marked playing cards can be paper or plastic ones with any designs of patterns on the back. The technicians can mark them freely and successfully with secret marks to show the users numbers and suits. And some marked decks such as Bicycle playing cards may have marks when they come out from the factory. This kind of marks look natural with its original patterns and very difficult for others to detect. And no need to worry about being detected by others with infrared glasses or contact lenses at all.

Another kind is invisible ink marked cards. They are the original playing cards with invisible infrared or UV ink marks that no naked eyes can see on the back or on the sides. Since these marks can only be seen or detected through special infrared ink reader or other scanner devices, people can't detect any marks with human eyes, which make these invisible marked decks easily to work for users cheating in the poker games.

Marked cards for IR or UV contact lenses is one popular cheating deck among these invisible ink marked decks of cards. Also there are some marked decks with marks for phone scanners or IR camera cameras only. Each kind of ink marked decks works with its related cheating devices only and also only that can detect the invisible marks.

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