K2 Base Camp Trek - Adventure of a lifetime

Posted by Jacob Mulroy on September 30th, 2019

K2 base camp trek is undoubtedly one of the top ten treks in the world. Pakistan has several mind-blowing destinations for trekking, but this trek is something magical.

K2 base camp trek mainly involves walking over and marching along the world’s 5th longest non-polar glacier i.e. Baltoro glacier (63 km). At the end of Baltoro glacier is Concordia which is known as “Throne Room of Mountain Gods”. It is the ultimate point for views of K2 (world’s second tallest mountain) and other mighty peaks above 8,000 meters.

It is a legend that one night under the grand mountains in Concordia adds to life span of any soul by one year. Concordia is a glacial confluence of the Baltoro Glacier with the Glacier of Godwin Austen. Trek to K2 base camp and Broad Peak base camp is altogether a one day return trip from Concordia on the Godwin Austen glacier.

Trekking from Askoli (first camp) over Baltoro glacier to Concordia offers views of several famous 6000 m and 7000 m peaks, several glaciers (including Biafo – world’s 3rd longest non-polar), glacial lakes etc. You can easily access the itinerary for the trek to K2 base camp.

There are two options on return to Concordia after K2 base camp trek. One is taking the same route back home and the second is crossing a mountain pass for more adventures.

When K2 base camp trek is extended from Concordia towards Hushe valley over Gondogoro La (Pass), the comprehensive trek is then commonly referred to as “Gondogoro La Trek” and also “K2 Gondogoro La Trek”. It is a strenuous but an action-packed and demanding circular trek (Gondogoro La Map).

K2 Gondogoro La Trek involves trekking first over the Upper Baltoro glacier and later on the Vigne glacier before ascending and crossing the Gondogoro la/pass (5585 m). The top of the pass is a broad area offering breathtaking views of 4 eight thousand meter peaks.

After descending the pass, the walk mostly continues over glaciers (including Gondogoro glacier) and lateral moraine. The trek offers views of new landscape including pastures, glaciers and gorgeous peaks until the downstream journey is made to Hushey valley.

The two incredible trekking routes mentioned above which were once considered harsh proposals are now considered good challenges by hiking and trekking enthusiasts from around the world.

Even though everest base camp gets more traffic for different reasons including security, it is important to note that less than 600 people till date have been able to summit K2 (8,611 meters) due to the technical difficulties on the mountain. Conquering K2 has not been an easy job for those mountaineers who have made it.

The K2 base camp trek is a mixture of what true nature lovers want and the trek’s features include base camps of K2 (8,611) & Broad Peak (8,051m), Gasherbrum I (8,080m) & GII (8,035m), Gondogoro La Pass (5,585m).

Additional one gets to view four 8,000m peaks (K2, Gasherbrum I & II, Broad Peak) and other peaks (Gasherbrum 4, Laila, Gondogoro Peak etc) from one point.

The trek also offers views of peaks between 5,000m to 8,000m including Gasherbrum 3 and 4, Masherbrum, Mustagh Tower, Bakhordas Peak, Mitre Peak, Crystal Peak, Marbel Peak, Biale Peak, Lobsang Spire, Trango Towers, Uli Biaho, Cathedral Peak, Urdukas Peak etc.

If one opts for the circular trek, one can enjoy more views of peaks between 5,000m to 8,000m including Laila Peak, Chogolisa etc.

The trail also provides beautiful sights of glaciers including Biafo, Vigne, Liligo, Dunge, Muztagh, Biango, Yermanendu, Mandu and more).

Lastly glacial lakes, waterfalls and streams are also a major highlight of the trek. This under-rated trek should be on the radar of world trekkers!

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