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Online Counselling Service

Posted by 3wayslink on September 30th, 2019

We offers the best online counselling service with specialist counsellors. You can find easily male counselling in Camborne through click our website.

More Infomation:- https://hisownman.com/onlinecounselling.html

Online Counselling
If you don’t live in Camborne, or Cornwall and you would like to see me as your counsellor, I do offer an online counselling service as well as face to face.

I have worked with many clients via online counselling and while it’s quite different to face to face counselling, it can be just as effective. Many of my counselling clients enjoy the freedom that online counselling gives them and when you’re looking for a specialist counsellor, you don’t want to be restricted by geography.

Again guys, when you are unsure of your feelings and emotions, you might feel embarassed about visiting a face to face counsellor, I know I didn’t see a counsellor for many years for exactly those reasons.

Online counselling can be a step towards feeling more confident about getting counselling. whether it be anger management, help with depression or help with anxiety, online counselling can help you.

Benefits of online counselling
Below are some of the reasons why you might want to see an online counsellor rather than have face to face counselling.
You don’t have to travel – You can have a counselling session from the comfort of your home. Please always ensure you have somewhere private where visitors to the home won’t be able to overhear your counselling sessions.

As a counsellor, many clients tell me about how “tough” their childhood was, particularly their teenagers years. Some had good relationships with their family and friends; and some not so good. What all of my clients have in common is that they talk about how
helpful it would have been to have had someone to talk to who “wasn’t my Mum or Dad”.

Many men that have come to counselling have talked about how difficult it was to talk to anyone about things like anxiety, depression, anger, bullying, loneliness, school work, exam stress, relationship problems, drug and alcohol addiction and using porn because they were worried about what their parents would think of them and what would happen.

Many boys I’ve worked with think Mum and Dad “don’t understand” or they simply find it uncomfortable talking about their problems. “My son won’t tell me what’s wrong” is something I hear many parents say.
One of the reasons I became a counsellor and work with teenage boys is because I know how tough it is growing up and feeling that you can’t share your problems with anyone.

While I knew my Mum would always be on my side whenever I had a problem, that was one of the main reasons I found it hard to tell her when there was a problem because “I didn’t want her to worry”.

I didn’t realise I was worrying her by not talking to her. I had the anxiety of dealing with the many problems a teenage boy has and the worry of my Mum finding out about them.

While some Dad’s are better than other’s at talking about their thoughts, feelings and emotions with their son’s, mine wasn’t – he simply never talked to me about how he felt or invited me to tell him what was going on for me.

This was one of the reason’s why I felt as though a man shouldn’t express how he feels because, my Dad didn’t. I know from counselling many teenage boys that they feel like this too.

6 Hull Road, Camborne, TR14 8GS
Telephone: 01209699781
Mobile: 07851512049

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