Data science is an social worker.

Posted by Faisal Khan on October 1st, 2019

Data science is the study of processing the data using the algorithms. If we had a large amount of data about a particular object, using that data we can perform the actions like prediction,Diagnosis, perception and description. an get certified with best Data Science Learning Courses.Many of our social problems are cleared by the technical inventions. In this post we are going to analyze some of the societal problems that it can be sorted out using the Data Science.

If we have a weather report about a day for the last fifteen to twenty years using that we can predict the weather of the day whether it is going to rain or a sunny day it will useful for the farmers to do irrigation.The large amount of data about the crop, land, weather, soil, water and fertilizers will make a good prediction about the yield from the land so that farmers can improve the agricultural techniques using the prediction from the data analysis techniques.

After food everyone are taking care about their health so that using the data about your body weight, height, blood pressure rate and pulse rate system can predict diseases like heart attack, diabetes and high BP low BP etc., By analysing our whole bodies using the data science report we can diagnose our daily routines that it which causes the damage in our body. People can get rid from the unwanted fears that causes about any diseases.

If we are having the data about the daily routines that it is when we wake up, when we are going to the office,when we are asleep using these data we can control our whole day so that we can avoid such problems like going late to the office and not waking up early. Using the data, machine can analyze your body temperature and automatically it can understood whether you want the fan or not. Using these we can sort out the unwanted waste of energy resources like water, current etc.,

As previously said we can predict the weather so we can use it for agricultural purposes and it also helpful in our daily routine. Using the data we can predict earthquakes, floods, storm and all other natural calamities that affects people’s daily routine.So that we can do the precaution measures and minimize the damages.

Using the data science we can control the future world because it is the root cause for the other scientific developments like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning by training centers.

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