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Cats can become AIDS if not careful.

Posted by Napatsix6 on October 1st, 2019

But AIDS in cats and in humans is a different disease. Therefore, don't be shocked that you will get addicted. Aids from cats that have this disease or not. Aids in cats are caused by the Feline-T-lymphotropic lentivirus (FTLV) W5aontai Feline Immuno- * deficiency virus (FIV) virus. In the same family as HIV that causes AIDS in our people. In most cases, cat aids are found in stray cats without owners. By survey found that Males tend to have a 2 to 3 times higher rate of infection than females (probably because male cats tend to fight more than females. Making it more likely to be infected by biting). Found to be suitable for cats of all ages. Which is more common in the age range 5-6 years

Most cats are infected with FIV through the blood. They live in the bloodstream, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva. When a cat has a wound from a battle and receives the blood or saliva of a cat that has The infection can be infected. The incubation period of FIV is uncertain, depending on the strength of Cat body essentially Found that cats that have been specially cared for may have a long incubation period of up to 10 years. While the cat that is released, looking at the cat, the cat will have an incubation period of 3 - 12 months. มองแมว สาระแมว The symptoms of cats with AIDS are similar to those infected with AIDS.

1. Acute phase A sudden occurrence after the cat is infected with a fever 2-3 days or weeks. Lymph nodes in various areas Inflammatory swelling, such as the neck, shoulder, back, knees, and groin, may develop skin disorders and diarrhea that may lead to seizures. These symptoms may occur to the runes. But didn't even lead to the death of a cat

2. The latent period is a period in which the cat does not show signs of symptoms but is a carrier (Asymptomatic carrier). This phase may last for many years depending on the strength of each cat.

3. Period of illness such as fever, thinness, loss of appetite, white blood cells, anemia, lymph nodes Cats will become ill with symptoms that are not specific to the general inflammation.

4. The chronic phase is a continuous phase 3, with the symptoms of illness. Caused by other diseases That comes into the complications until becoming chronic due to various immunity That shortcoming The most common symptoms are Oral or gum Chronic inflammation Enlarged lymph nodes Low leukopenia, sepsis, chronic 5 respiratory disease Chronic skin diseases Chronic diarrhea. Cats will lose, fade, thin, and lasts for many months. Until the final stage and eventually die. 5. The final stage, the cat is very pale, the bone marrow does not work emaciated from many complications. Some cats may have neurological symptoms at the end. The end of this illness too, such as turning the head over the iris, extending the lips frequently, Nguyen Ngit and more ferocious

In this final phase All cats can not tolerate the poisoning of various diseases and can not die in the end. Because this disease does not yet have a vaccine to prevent Therefore you Must be careful Don't let your cat go outside to play as a goose, as there may be quarrels with strangers that can cause this infection.

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