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Posted by Calibraint on October 1st, 2019

Don’t hold back! “Is chatbots going to replace human? Bots replacement in the call center?.”

In the previous article, I hope you got an insight into what is a chatbot? How does it work and different types of a chatbot? In this article, one can get the answer to the question which is creating confusion in many people mind. “Is chatbots going to replace humans?” 

Businesses are concentrating more on customer satisfaction since it yields a more loyal customer. When a customer has a problem or issue related to a particular product the buyer first approaches the customer care call center of the particular product. Many companies started setting up their call centers in different countries where the labor cost is less. Though there was an email contact facility available, for the instant solution more priority has been given to the call centers.

A shift towards Chatbots

For many years, customer service was completely relayed on phone call. The customer calling up the call center to fix their bug seems to be an old tradition after the evolution of chatbots. Since to provide 24/7 service, more investment has been made on resource person. With the expectation of calls, human operators waiting to take a call at all hours of the day and night is not always a feasible task. To cut down the usage of manpower chatbots has been introduced in call centers.

Involvement of Chatbots

The Chatbots employed with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence works as a chat interface. The Chatbots works well when they are integrated with Website, Social Sites, Mobile Platforms. Initially, the chatbots were dismissed due to their robotic way of reply but now the chatbots are upgraded they reply like a human. This made a revolution in the field of customer service via a call center. These chatbots are trained with Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding Algorithm which can understand the user's query and respond in terms of text or voice instantly. To achieve this more efforts need to be given in training the chatbots. 

Human Vs. Chatbots

Chatbots can answer simple queries more effectively than human. But what happens when it faces tricky or unusual questions? Here comes the picture of a human operator. The Chatbots can help human but can not completely replace a human. The unique skill of understanding a query and reacting spontaneously is a human thing. A machine cannot inherit these skills. 

The problem arises when bot faces an unexpected question. To balance both advantage and disadvantage it's better to consider bot as a helping agent for a human. Bots can be used for the initial level of investigation with the customer whereas, human intervention can be made at the second level of discussion if required. 

As of now, Chatbots has not replaced human but the invention of chatbots has cut down human resources. To sum up, it has the advantage of cost-cutting with Human Resource and disadvantage is the livelihood of many human operators will be affected. 

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