A Global Destination in Bangkok Launches OneSiam Application

Posted by Andreas Winkler on October 1st, 2019

Siam Piwat Co.Ltd., the world-renowned retail and development company in Thailand whose operation oversees the management of the global destination "OneSiam" contain with Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a proud partner of the iconic landmark of Thailand"s eternal prosperity on the Chao Phraya River ICONSAM, is commencing the launch of OneSiam application - the latest tool developed in an effort to enhance the retail"s customer relationship management. The application aims to exceed customers" needs while providing a wide range of benefits for all shoppers in every occasion. Siam Piwat"s Senior Deputy Managing Director Miss Chanisa Kaewruen spoke about the application launch, "In the past year, Siam Piwat has solidified its key marketing strategy with the introduction of OneSiam initiative. The plan, which united Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, not only merged Siam Piwat"s enormous space, but maximized and enabled the holistic the retail experience to fulfil the needs of customers of all demographics. In addition, it formed a new OneSiam community, which brought together a diverse group of staff, local and global brands, business partners, and visitors from around the world to all three department stores which add up to 400,000 - 450,000 lives each day. Not only that, with calculated and strategic promotional campaigns and marketing activities, OneSiam has been continuously striving for success, and today marks another milestone as we launch the new application, giving all visitors extraordinary experiences - with OneSiam application. Today, retail businesses are maximizing modern communications technology from the era of the "Internet of Things", supported by intellectual capabilities and operating systems competent of creating wide-range networks, to exchange data in order to convert into quintessential information for future growth. As Siam Piwat is aspiring to be the "Icon of Innovation Lifestyle", it has implemented the use of modern technology to proactively satisfy customers" demands after a considerable amount of time dedicated into strategic planning. The advanced technology is combined with Siam Piwat"s unique charm and world-class reputation in retail business to reach a high standard of proficiency and create extraordinary experiences to all customers. Siam Piwat"s Deputy Managing Director Mrs.Suthida Malaiphan added, "Currently, OneSiam has numerous tools for customer engagement such as the tool for the analysis and conversion of big data, community media including Facebook pages for each department store, official LINE account to transmit news and updates to all customers. Not only the tools, having a strong, award-winning customer relation management team to support, plan and execute is a major plus. And in our latest development, OneSiam welcomes the newly created OneSiam Application where everyone can download onto their devices starting from today." The introduction of OneSiam application is yet another step forward in Siam Piwat"s effort to strengthen its marketing intelligence system, which has been in the works for over 5 years, with over THB500 Million of capital invested to drive its marketing system as effectively and efficiently as possible. This innovation would essentially rely on the information extracted from the enormous database collected from four department stores, analyzing consumer behavior in order to improve the service to match clients" expectation. To keep its progress consistent, Siam Piwat has also made significant upgrades to its IT infrastructure and data management. For visitors, downloading the all-new "OneSiam Application" is similar to making a new friend. With a few finger taps, the mobile device would be provided the latest updates from OneSiam - from the up-to-date news on ICONSIAM and OneSiam"s shops including the latest collection releases to the hottest promotions, to a live calendar of upcoming events. On top of these features, it is much easier to receive benefits from applying for VIZ Card on the application as well as keeping track of membership points, point redemption, and obtaining discount deals at multiple stores. The launch of the application is accurately aligned with Siam Piwat"s vision and strategy to support the business growth all of brands and stores in OneSiam and ICONSIAM. Hence, it is a tool that allows and encourages brands to disclose information, marketing activities, and privileges to all customers. In addition to this, the application is developed in Thai, English, and Chinese languages. OneSiam application is now available for download. Simply enter Google"s Play Store or Apple"s App Store, and search "OneSiam Application" and begin downloading. Siam Piwat expects to have more than 300,000 application downloads by the end of 2019. "The launch of OneSiam application is a major step forward to support and reaffirm Siam Piwat"s positioning and success in retail business, alongside the success of various brands and business partners, to achieve sustainable growth and creative economy, and elevate Thailand"s reputation into international levels. Most importantly, this is about providing the most extraordinary experience to Thai and international tourists each time they encounter OneSiam," Mr.Supris Netekien, Siam Piwat"s Public Relations Senior Director added.

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