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Salesforce: Is It the Best Option for Your Business?

Posted by RoksiK on October 2nd, 2019

Salesforce has been named the CRM No 1 in the world, and it is for a good reason. it is definitely one of the leading vendors in the market and offers businesses of all kinds a lot of advantages.

Now, it helps more than 150,000 companies to manage and expand their businesses successfully, so many people sincerely believe that this is a solution they must have.

Any experienced salesforce implementation company will inform you though that the best in the fields doesn’t necessarily mean the best for your particular case. That’s why, before you decide for a Salesforce CRM development and implementation for your business, consider please its pros and cons. Compare then and finally, make an informed decision with the help of certified Salesforce consultants.

Salesforce Is About Keeping Your Data in a Cloud

Cloud means that your solution is very easy to start and it doesn’t require any special equipment. A computer, a browser and the internet connection – these are the requisites you need to start with your dedicated Salesforce CRM. After the trial period is over, you need to buy licenses. And that’s it. This is, probably, the most important advantage. 

The platform is all in the cloud, so, it is very simple to administer, especially if your solution has been developed and implemented by a professional Salesforce implementation partner.

From the other side, if, for some reason, access to the internet is not available, your solution is not available, either. 

Also, Salesforce provides a limited service regarding data storage. Usually, you get just 10 GB for one company. If you do not fit in, you need to purchase another storage unit, and this is connected with additional costs. 

Functionality Is Extended Beyond Limits

Salesforce is known as a set of clouds and apps. So, it is very handy when the company needs to proceed with workflow automation. In such a case, you select what exactly you need to automate and purchase the needed licenses. Your reliable Salesforce implementation partner will help you to assess which clouds and apps you need. as well, your Salesforce implementation company should help you with the entire process until the solution is ready and works as you need.

However, these solutions are limited to a particular number or volume of something:

  • Validation rules, 

  • File sharing cases,

  • Mails,

Users, and so on. As soon as the limit is reached, you need to expand it. It means, to buy more mails, users, validation rules, and so on.

Customization and Configuration of your CRM

Salesforce is a platform designed to be configured and customized based on the requirements of your company. A professional Salesforce implementation can do it in a way to comply with all the requirements your business has and to be able to extend it in future if the need arises. Of course, for the basics, you can even manage it yourself even if you are not a professional. But if you want your platform work flawlessly, you better hire professional Salesforce consultants to do it for you.

However, many business owners sincerely believe that the more functionality their CRM has, the better it is for their business. It is like buying things you would never use just because somebody sells them. Do you really need it? Moreover, each function is connected to additional costs. 

A professional Salesforce implementation company, like Ergonized, for instance, can help you assess realistically which features your business needs and how to implement them in the best way. 

Integration Level Is Impressive

You can integrate your Salesforce CRM solution with almost any platform already available in your business system. so, A Salesforce CRM is perfect for automation of business processes, un-siloing and similar. Three most powerful tools ensure integration success:

  • AppExchange, where you can find all kinds of apps, moreover, some of them are absolutely free;

  • An integration platform called MuleSoft Anypoint, that allows you to connect your apps to your network

  • Finally, one more platform called Heroku, where developers can perform all the needed actions with their apps in the cloud and to integrate them with your Salesforce platform.

The main disadvantage is that all the processes should be performed very carefully and by experienced Salesforce consultants only. Otherwise, the solution will not work as you expect.

All in all, we can conclude that Salesforce is a wonderful solution for any kind of business if a business owner approaches it in a smart and a reasonable way and hires a professional Salesforce implementation company to handle the work. 

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