Step By Step Guide To DIY Farmhouse Table

Posted by Honey Bear Lane on October 2nd, 2019

Step 1: Make The Legs

Decided on the wood? Then, it’s time to start with building a farmhouse table. The first thing that you must do is to make the legs. If your wood is already of the desired length and breadth, then you won’t need to do much as you can simply cut it accordingly. But if this is not the case, determine the length and start working on it. Those who are using longboards must use wood glue to put the pieces together in a way that they are able to maintain their strength. Use it generously and leave them to dry.

Step 2: Build The Table Top

As long as the glue is drying, it is time to move on to the next step of making diy farmhouse table and that is to start working on the tabletop. You can get the wood that is already cut in thick sheets as that will make the process a lot easier. All you will need to do is use pocket holes to butt them together. Once you are done with drilling, use a lot of glue across the edge and screw everything together so that you have a strong table that can take weight without any issues. When working on the tabletop, do the work with precision because the top will be visible most of the time and will be taking the weight too.

Step 3: Lay Out & Cut

When the legs and tabletop is done, the glue has dried; you will need to put the parts together to make it one whole entity. Cut the inset of your choice and place the table legs to determine whether it fits well or not. If not, make the changes that are necessary and if they sit perfectly fine in their designated space, screw them. You can use extra screws if you feel that the table isn’t strong enough or the legs are wobbling. You can get many free furniture plans to make more DIY furniture that will go along with your farmhouse table.

Step 4: Sand It

Now comes another most important part of DIY farmhouse table. The wood that you have used is raw and needs to be smooth in order to reach perfection. If you see online diy farmhouse table, you will notice that they have a nice finish. This is achieved through sandpaper. So get a few for yourself and rub the surface until you see that the table is shining and looking smoother. If there are any small gaps in the wood, use filler to cover them up. 

At the end, you can either use the way it looks right now or can paint it in your favorite color so that it matches with the décor.

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